I'm bored with my partner

Help! I’m Bored With My Partner

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Help! I’m Bored With My Partner – With a lot of nostalgia and emotion, I remember the first look I saw with my husband. This magical and special moment happened in the workplace. As if it were a pleasure, at first sight, I watched her smile, her dark skin and her shiny hair with great curiosity.

Moments later, I felt my heart tremble, my cheeks blush and my voice trembles as he tried to make me talk. This was the beginning of my love story. with long, deep and interesting conversations, romantic dates and new adventures, I finally fell in love with him.

A year rich in important experiences has passed until we decide to formalize our love in marriage. Every day at his side was special, he learned new things, we did things together all the time and fully enjoyed his company.

He lived a love story as a story in which the princess charms her prince and lives happily forever.

The phases that culminate

When we are in love, we see everything in pink, we feel butterflies in the stomach and we want to stay with the loved one as long as possible. Then comes a moment in the life of the couple: euphoria and emotion disappear because they give way to another stage of the relationship.

With responsibilities, obligations, the desire to have children, we had done things as a couple loses their spark. Logically, there are new priorities, new challenges, and many setbacks to move forward in life.

In this phase of formalization of the engagement with the children and the constitution of a family, it is customary that one is bored of the couple. It’s something that happens in a normal way and that we all expose to experiences.

Why are we bored with our partner?

You may think that you are bored with your partner because love is probably over. It is even possible that the routine transforms the relationship into a slow demotivating and without surprises.

The days pass without anything happening again, the intimate meetings are not new, the silence lasts longer and we think they have complete knowledge of the reactions of the couple. All this leads to the creation of a feeling of emptiness and loneliness.

However, be aware that boredom is a sporadic sensation related to apathy and a lack of emotional life at a given moment. Experts say that when this happens, the brain stops producing dopamine and other substances associated with falling in love.

According to a study, we should make an ideal couple to reduce the feeling of boredom. Idealize? How does it work? You may think that equipping your partner can be counterproductive, because the more you do it, the more likely it is to disappoint you.

The idea of ​​idealization in this sense, however, refers to the discovery of new things, the discovery of an unknown point where they are motivated, the challenge of facing new challenges, the search for skills, all in the purpose of boring and monotony of everyday life

I'm bored with my partner

Actions to break the boredom

In most relationships, it can happen that one of them lacks momentum, making boredom permanent and ending their relationship. However, we must think about the love, the magic that holds us back with the couple, to try to take the initiative in search of new developments.

1 Personal attitudes change

As my father always said: “If you always do the same thing, you will get the same results”. If you are the same person doing the same thing over and over again, you get up, prepare breakfast, lay off your spouse, take care of the children, go to work, go home, eat and sleep; I invite you to change your routine and change some personal attitudes.

It is impossible not to stop exercising your responsibilities because you compromise your emotional stability. However, if you set your daily goals, you can do something else.

How about having breakfast with your partner in bed? Stop buying a bouquet of flowers to decorate your room, prepare another dish that is the favorite of both, receive your partner with a pretty dress.

2 Seriously, I did not know!

It’s very nice to share a moment with the family, to wonder how it was in their day, but to make the conversation typical and leave boredom at all, you can try to make interesting discussions that will find out more on your partner.

Perhaps, from a story that catches your eye, you can relate the idea to an experience you have had in your childhood or youth. Even if you read a book and explain your arguments with your side About the content, your conversation becomes more interesting and deeper.

Do not forget to talk about financial problems, complain about the pressure of work or something you do not understand. Remember that you are always learning new things about the couple, so check them out.

3 Could I?

Learning knows no boundaries and is infinite, but sometimes we are too lazy to find the motivation to study and learn different things. But you must know that one of the ways to dispel the boredom in your relationship is to discover new skills, both personally and as a couple.

To start, ask yourself what you would like to do and learn? It may be striking to take a sewing class, write photos, and include a reading group.

The first thing you have to to do is to motivate yourself to leave your comfort zone so that involve your partner in finding new things that appeal to you; the idea is that they perform them together.

4 “My dear darling”

In all relationships, there must be demonstrations of affection, love, and respect. Do not let this routine and this boredom, those cravings to relive the love every day, diminish. Surprise your partner, send messages, invite them to date, go to the cinema, the theater, among others.

Have an idea in mind: boredom is temporary, it is not the cause of love that ends, it is instead a moment of reflection in which both must do everything possible to motivate and love the flame of love.

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