Forgiveness is Good for Your Emotional and Physical Health

Forgiveness is Good for Your Emotional and Physical Health

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Forgiveness is Good for Your Emotional and Physical Health – When we talk about forgiveness, the first thing people imagine is that they talk about religion. But if I tell you to forgive, you say that the therapeutic effect is great, what will you say?

What is forgiveness?

Forgiveness is a conscious and voluntary action to apologize to someone who is troubling us. When someone wants to be forgiven, what he is looking for is the one who hurt him to give him grace in the action that caused him to be hurt.

Agree is something, it is not easy to forgive and apologize. This requires people to be modest enough to ask questions and accept them.

This is not easy to do. Therefore, those who can forgive may be surprised that they decide to give up their pain to achieve peace and therefore have the same chance to live in harmony with what they have suffered. it had proved that Forgiveness is Good for Your Emotional and Physical Health

Consider this: When you donate a gift of great value, it is an act that releases all your negative emotions and requires that voluntary love and sacrifice be released.

How does forgiveness work?

I can not forgive a man for being unfaithful, I do not forgive Sultan’s murder for his brother Karl. I can not forgive. Adi When someone asks if people are easy to hear, it is a repetitive expression, up I was forgiven, but not forgotten. Mi Mmm … Is that really pardonable?

Forgiveness means that you only want from the heart of the emotional burden that causes you suffering. So when you say you forgive, but remember, you do nothing.

Forgiveness means the pain caused by the acts that hurt you. This is not related to selective loss of memory but related to the release of pain due to emotional injuries caused in the past. The problem is that when you remember an action (hurting you), forgive that you do not feel any more pain.

 How do you know that it is represented in a real way?

It’s easy to know. Suppose someone apologizes to you and apologizes for causing a major emotional wound. However, you allowed it. Over time, in public speeches, the subject they apologized came to light, we suddenly found that remembering this event would not hurt anymore. This means that you are forgiven by suffering and suffering.

On the contrary, when you forgive outer teeth media alone (as we said in forgotten Colombia). When this happens, people can not remember or feel the anger and pain caused by this injury. Most of the time, it causes tears and you can not tolerate that person; then, with all your might, you’re trying to escape.

The Effects of Donor Therapy

The effect is to free you. When you forgive, there are a pain, painful memories that end with tears and condemnation and you can continue your life.

If everyone in the world knows what it means to deal with anger, revenge, pain, and sadness, it can harm physical illness, health, and long-term well-being. to be.

Your dangerous feelings, thoughts, and behaviors leave your body sick because you are a connected entity. When everything is going well, anger, fear, hatred, and pain come – because you live on your journey as someone who forgives you. It causes stress and is popular and medically considered the cause of heart attack, stomach ulcers, irritated colon, high blood pressure, and others.

Forgiveness is Good for Your Emotional and Physical Health

Forgiveness is a complete process.

When you plan to forgive or forgive, you can start by doing the following:

1 Knows what hurts

Sometimes we get hurt before we even notice. So when you realize what you are doing, you will deeply understand the resulting damage and put yourself elsewhere, Bu.

2 You can always choose

Everything in life is a choice, so you can choose to apologize or forgive the damage. Check the strengths and weaknesses, analyze if it is possible to live, is it easy to manage and maintain your path and is it easy to change according to your choice?

3 If you choose to apologize, you must be wrong.

Understanding means understanding and at the same time allowing you to feel pity and pain for actions that result in loss of forgiveness or forgiveness.

4 If you choose to forgive, decide to save yourself from the penalty

You have chosen to forgive and you are ready to be modest to achieve this. Pride is the biggest obstacle for someone to overcome and we know that this can be very harmful and lead to family divorce and even war. If you are humble, you can forgive yourself from the heart, saving yourself from suffering.

5 Consider your actions

We all hurt someone in a long life. So it is very important that you know everything you say or do. You should also focus on controlling your mind. When he controls himself, he suffers a lot of pain and runs from other people.

6 Be honest when you apologize

Never do this because someone forces you to do it because you want it from the heart. Your free will n If you want forgiveness, realize your mistakes, and if you are not comfortable with what you do, you will not call them.

7 Forgiveness is an honest act

You do not need to be forgiven for “kindness,” it’s even worse because you’re a hypocrite. Forgive me because You want it because you know it’s for your own good, because you do not want to live with your regrets and complaints, and you know you’re free to move.

8 coming back

Who wants to make the same mistake in the past? Nothing less and less if they violate their own lives and the lives of others.

Consider the results of what you do and correct the damage. Then, be prepared to go beyond and watch everything you do or say. It is not a problem to stop being spontaneous, but you should think before you say or do anything you think will harm others. Only then can you really make someone happy?

Now that you know how to gain forgiveness and forgiveness, I invite you to be a part of your life, because it is not just an act of loving your neighbor, but an act of love for yourself. Always remember that Forgiveness is Good for Your Emotional and Physical Health

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