Do not Ever send These Seven Photos to a Man

Do not Ever send These Seven Photos to a Man

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Do not Ever send These Seven Photos to a Man – Not only the intimate enter, there are some images to watch if you abuse, you should not send these pictures to a man

It is common that when you feel close to each other, take pictures, share and talk about women, you should know that there are some pictures that you should not send to men.

To be honest, the Internet is a double-edged sword. Sometimes this can be to our advantage and sometimes the reason you should not send photos to a man is that they always receive them. well.

And it’s not about intimate photos, there are some that you can call normal and that goes into the list of seven that you would rather miss or not always send.

Seven photos that you do not always have to send to a man

Pictures always did

Women like to see how makeup transforms us and we are pretty, but it is not good to send pictures to a man like this and to emphasize that they are natural, it’s because we can get used to it and although they like the natural, it scares you.

Intimate photos

Trust is the key for couples, but in the case of sending a photo or underwear naked, this may be a price, maybe your husband will not send them to third parties, although something happened in anger, but you lost the phone. and your images are in different hands. In fact, everything downloaded on the network almost stops receiving news from you.

Photos pointing to others

When you always receive photos in which you accuse others, you may express doubts about the type of person you are. In addition, you can not do what you would not want to do. Sometimes people can misinterpret and, ultimately with an image.

Photos with other men

If it’s your official partner, I guess you do not want to see your wife with someone else, you do not have to do it to cause jealousy or to have too much confidence in you, it happens a when men feel uncomfortable and can cause conflict.

Do not Ever send These Seven Photos to a Man

Party photos

Going out is not a bad thing and if you do it without your partner, it’s not so bad, single men or married do not like to see their wife’s pictures always at the party, drinking, smoking, going out with friends, it’s coming because you’re too free, and sometimes you do not have to document everything and when you do not think where you will be.

Pictures in common situations

It’s fine to say it all, but the truth is that it can be a little awkward to receive photos of when you’re in the bathroom or when you show that you’re unhealthy, disorganized and more, the message sent does may be what you want

Rude or vulgar pictures

That’s right, the truth is that even talking with too many words that resonate is not so easy to see, but send photos to your partner, make obscene gestures, food in your mouth, show dirt, be a little vulgar, even when asked A man around when send the “package” containing provocative photos, which gives the impression that he is too unbridled

To know that it is true or false is perhaps more a question of perception, there must always be communication and in the case of intimacy, you have the right to say no, any excess is not good, your partner benefits and you find the way to be together, even far away.

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