Distrust as a couple what to do when one does not trust the other

Distrust as a Couple: What to Do When One Does not Trust the Other

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Distrust as a Couple: What to Do When One Does not Trust the Other – At some point in our lives, everyone is filled with fears. For this reason, it is likely that by sharing our feelings with someone else, we are transferring the love and uncertainties of the past. Know everything about mistrust in couples.

Strong romantic relationships are based on security between the people who create them, but in some cases, this feature does not always appear. In this article, we will elaborate on this topic.

It is not easy for one of the members of the couple to have a relationship of trust. Neither for the person who has uncertainty nor for whom is the object of suspicion.

Lack of security is a problem that affects a large number of couples and can lead to an unfortunate interruption. However, it is still possible to get results in this situation and we present them here.

Causes of Distrust as a Couple

We spend most of our time sharing with the person we love, but why is there mistrust in a relationship? The causes are numerous and depend on various factors. Here we present the most important:

1. Infidelity

When one of the spouses has a failure with a third person, even if the situation seems to have been resolved, untreated injuries can mark the couple forever. Once an act of infidelity has been committed, mistrust can end forever.

2. Personal uncertainty

An uncertain personality may subconsciously think that we are not completely worthy of love. This feeling can manifest itself in the form of jealousy and lack of confidence in the couple.

3. Monotony

Love goes through different phases. The stage of love and the intensity of passion differ in time; then the relationship may fall into the routine and lack of interest of one of the parties. The other may feel that love has been lost, which generates a lack of confidence.

4. Sexual problems

Sex is fundamental in a relationship. If problems arise in this area, it can be interpreted as a lack of desire. Erectile dysfunction, for example, can be caused by stress and other factors, but the woman often thinks it’s because her partner still has one.

Distrust as a couple what to do when one does not trust the other

5. Lack of involvement

The fact that one of the members of the couple is an immature person, little involved in strengthening the relationship and does not adapt his behavior to the changes that justify coexistence is a frequent cause of insecurity.


Lack of trust in the couple can lead to major problems such as erosion of the relationship if corrective actions are not taken in time. Some of the consequences that this situation may entail are:

  • Harassment against the couple
  • do not respect
  • aggressiveness
  • enemy environment
  • Emotional fatigue of the object of distrust
  • depression of the suspicious person
  • Communication problems
  • Break in the relationship
What to do

Trusting a couple is a process that you must work all your life if you want to have a stable and lasting relationship. The first thing to do is to improve health communication. To do this, a meeting needs to be facilitated at a convenient time.

Talking about the problem together and remembering that both are part of the same and the right team is essential. So, you can look for ways everyone can contribute, no matter how small.

If we had not healed past wounds yet, it is important to work on forgiveness. Forgiveness with resentment and doubt cannot be considered real. If necessary, the couple should consult a specialist and practice professional therapies to ensure safety.

The person who is suspicious of the other may also need work to build trust and improve self-esteem. In this case, you must think for yourself and work on self-knowledge. The visit of a specialist for this situation is also a necessary measure and it is essential to be able to help the couple to improve these areas.

The first lesson we must learn is that mistrust of a couple impedes the development of the relationship. Commitment, security, and sincerity are essential to strengthening the union and resolving the situation. In this way, we can avoid an unfortunate pause.

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