What happens in our bodies when we are in love

What Happens in Our Bodies when We are in Love?

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What Happens in Our Bodies when We are in Love? – When we are in love, the brain is filled with substances that make us happy. Therefore, to stay, it is best to take care of our self-esteem and our autonomy

There is nothing like loving someone. It’s a unique emotion. When we are in love, we feel it all over our body: in the lips, the hands, the belly … Love seems to spread through the skin and take hold of every corner.

That’s why there are so much mythology and poetry around it. When we are in love, we say that we think with our hearts or that we have butterflies in our stomachs.

In the end, however, everything is summarized in pure chemistry. However, the separation of substances is so unique that we can compare it to that produced in obsessive-compulsive disorder.

If you think about it, it may not surprise you so much, have you ever felt that you can not live without it? Is it not difficult for us to imagine ourselves without the presence of the beloved in our lives?

All these claims also occur in people with this problem, but also in drug addicts.

In fact, we can depend on the love or hormones that are released when we see that person.

Do you want to know what they are and what are their effects? Do not be afraid, not even knowing that this passion will not lose its magic.

What happens in Our Bodies when we are in love

It gives us the feeling of being alive

It is a very typical expression of the first moments of falling in love. Moreover, if we come from a monotonous or complicated time, we must say “it woke me up”.

As if before the other person was, you would have been plunged into an almost useless lethargy. This energy comes from our brains.

Knowing that the loved one exists generates dopamine and serotonin. The immediate effect is an extra dose of the strength that gives you the courage to do things you never dared to do before.

However, the body gets used to everything and also has this level of hormones in the brain. This can cause us to leave our partner because we think we are no longer in love.

However, we sometimes realize that we were wrong when we saw their lack. That’s why we recommend that you enter these situations calmly and dialogue before doing anything irreparable.

In this sense, you have certainly known (or even arrived) people who have never had a long relationship.

This happens because there is someone addicted to this first injection of energy. So, as soon as his body gets used to it, he decides to separate and find another company that generates the same enthusiasm.

What happens in our bodies when we are in love

We feel connected by oxytocin

We sit down to talk to our partner and suddenly we are surprised to tell him what we have never told anyone.

You do not know why, but the connection is such that you can not think otherwise than “I’m at home”. According to some studies, oxytocin is responsible for this event. Thanks to her, we feel at ease, confident and safe.

Its appearance can now be caused by real events or by our imagination. We wish with great intensity that the other person is the definitive person. That’s why our expectations may not respond to real reasons.

That’s when we say “it was not what I thought” but how to avoid it? Listen to your partner and not that inner voice that tells you what you want to hear.

You can be scared

But everything that happens to us when we are in love is not good. Oxytocin is also associated with jealousy.

When our brain senses signs that we can lose what we like, the levels of this substance decrease and the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, increase.

That’s when we panic about the fact that he is far from us and the anger of what we believe to be treason. To solve this problem, it is again strongly advised to pay attention to the facts and not to be afraid.

The weighted analysis helps to balance our nervous system, terror disables it. What are you paying attention to?

Yes, they are right when they say that love is a drug. However, it is natural, with no more side effects than luck, as long as you hear information from other channels.

For oxytocin, dopamine or serotonin to help us improve without getting worse, it is necessary to have good self-esteem and to be perceived as an autonomous being. We should not just consider ourselves as someone who is connected to another.

These two questions will constitute the antidote to the convenience of love, you will come only from your relationship of well-being and support. That’s are that will happen in Our Bodies when We are in Love

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