To love is to be respected

To love is to be Respected

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To love is to be Respected – It’s very difficult to hear a friend tell you how unhappy she is in her love story. but it is much more terrible to see how much he is aware of his suffering without being able to escape this hell.

I have been watching this situation closely for many years and she has often been angry at me because I told her that I had a relationship that was detrimental to her. The truth is that after a long time and some damage, my friend finally realized how badly her love relationship was in every respect; and finally, he managed to gather the power to move away from something so toxic.

But what is a codependent relationship?

They represent a dependency for both parties, kind of this type of relationship.

This is a typical situation: “You hurt me, but I can not live without you.”

The reasons for not being able to escape such a relationship are varied, ranging from lack of autonomy to fear of being alone and feeling incomplete at the end of the relationship.

Why does someone become an emotional codependent?

Experts in the field explain that this is usually a behavior from childhood and within the family. A co-dependent person always seems to choose the same type of pair: dominant, destructive, offensive. The person becomes so co-dependent that she forgets to take care of herself and becomes tolerant of her partner’s harmful behavior.

Can a couple no longer be codépendant?

The desire cannot do simply, They could do it if they wanted to. In all types of addiction, a person has to admit that they are sick and that they need help. there is no exception in relation. The fact is that the power of the ego and the need of the other hinders seeing reality.

To do this, they must resort to therapy for couples, they must achieve goals that help them to heal and overcome these emotional conflicts of emotional dependence; otherwise, the best thing that can happen to both is that the relationship ends.

Heal to find true love

The good thing to do is that by acknowledging that he was suffering from this relationship, he did not want the same thing or wanted to live it anymore; He has learned what he wants in love and what he does not want, but he needs time.

After being completely healed, she will be ready to continue her life, whether alone or alone, the truth is that she now wants to be happy in a real and healthy way and not be fooled by addiction to a madman. love.

How do I know if my relationship is healthy?

A healthy relationship is an opposite. In an ideal relationship, there are also problems, but the big difference is that there are limits, respect, appreciate each other, no manipulating, no offend, no block, and not damage for the other.

There is also the mental and emotional freedom, what I mean by loyalty is something tangible in this type of relationship, because they both know they love each other and that feeling is strong.

To love is to be respected

Characteristics of healthy relationships

1 responsibility

The couple is responsible for their actions and decisions. This allows them to take the blame for mistakes and compensate for the mistake.

2 Commit

In the case of marital problems, both parties know how to negotiate and find solutions to progress.

3 economic society

That’s part of the obligation they assume. Both parties had agreed with Each cost or investment because it is not about who sought is not that one earns more than the other and therefore has a greater purchasing power. They are a winning couple at a time, investing and feeling financially secure. Always remember that To love is to be Respected

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