The Things that Every Man Wants from a Relationship (Part 2)

The Things that Every Man Wants from a Relationship (Part 2)

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The Things that Every Man Wants from a Relationship (Part 2) – in the first part it was written that even though men (who tend to be the least communicative in an intimate relationship) tend to suffer quietly when their emotional needs are not met. by their partners. But men still need comfort in establishing relationships.

Here are a continuation 10 things that men want in a relationship:


Usually, the woman wants to spend more time in the business because of the feminine and the man associated with the masculine wants to spend more time apart. There is no perfect balance. It will always be an act of balance between proximity and separation.

But the quickest way to end a relationship is to choke a man, to deprive him of free time or to suffer excessive jealousy. We all need space to breathe a relationship. We need time for our hobbies, time with our friends and time to work on our projects in order to feel satiated.

Traditionally, when women had to solve a problem, they deepened the tribe and kept in touch with their close friends and family to discuss the situation. On the other hand, when men have a problem to solve, they leave the tribe alone to stay with their thoughts.

So let him go for a walk. Let him breathe. Leave it in your business. A man will be much happier if you receive him on his return, knowing that both of them trust him, as well as the power of their relationship, to give him his place.

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Physical contact

Men need frequent non-sexual contacts as well as sexual sensations.

If a man’s partner touches his neck and hair in a loving way when, he may feel loved as if he had had sex (even more, depending on his condition). ‘mind).

This contact is interpreted as physical love, the message is recorded as follows: “I love you and I want you to always feel happy, I’m here for you and I care about you.”


Men and women are attracted to certainty in a relationship. The longer a man feels that his partner is long, the more he will be willing to open up to her (assuming he is just as engaged in it).

But security goes further than not leaving it. The security he feels is linked to many of these points. He feels safe when he knows you approve him and his career. He feels safe and loved if you contact him during the day in a non-sexual way. He feels safe when he lets me spend time with his friends without you and does not feel the need to text him every half hour or send him a text message.

You feel safe with a partner who takes the steps to love you as you need them most.


Without communication, relationships are armed with a sand base. Men want women to communicate directly, they do not want clues, they need to be clarified. If you want to not only wash the dishes but also dry what you have washed, explain it. Show them how you want them to communicate.

For many men, communication is not their specialty. They need a guide. Men tend to talk with logic, women with emotion. If you can find them in logic, they can become emotional. But they need you to tell them.

Many women do not say what they feel to their husbands because they do not want to create conflict. Or they are afraid. The truth is that when they do not speak, they leave in the dark. Because they do not really know the truth behind all that. It is as if you have presented and prepared parts of your life instead of living your life with them.

Couples grow and become stronger by overcoming setbacks, not by making individual lives. You must know that every time you record something, you build walls in a sacred space of the relationship. Men do not want to talk, but believe it or not, they want to know who you really are.

The Things that Every Man Wants from a Relationship (Part 2)

Have your own life

Men want you to have your own friends, activities, and passions. Of course, they want to support you in whatever interests you and are part of everything you want, but they want you to have your own identity.

Because if you have nothing that belongs to you, the relationship is supported by one leg. And if you have your own life, you must strive to find your own life, otherwise, you risk losing yourself. If the relationship was on wheels, one must be one and the other be yours to walk together.

Be your hero

This does not mean that a man always wants to be your hero deep inside him. In the end, your husband wants you to see him as someone who jumps from the tallest buildings and is able to stop the bullets. He wants to take you in his arms and show you the world. Or at least feel that way. Thus, nothing gives them more power than when a woman creates space to make them feel invincible. If you make him feel invincible, he will make you the most beautiful creature of this world.

That’s the thing that men want in a relationship

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