The Things that Every Man Wants from a Relationship (Part 1)

The Things that Every Man Wants from a Relationship (Part 1)

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The Things that Every Man Wants from a Relationship (Part 1) – Although men are often reluctant to talk about emotional issues and their inner needs, this does not mean they do not exist.

Whether social conditioning or an inability to communicate their needs, men (who tend to be the least communicative in an intimate relationship) tend to suffer quietly when their emotional needs are not met. by their partners.

Let’s end unnecessary battles due to lack of communication, useless nights without being passionate and discussions.

Here are 10 things that men want in a relationship:

Be rented

Men have sensitive and sensitive egos. They regularly need confirmation of themselves, their career, their effectiveness as a couple, their sexual potential and their appeal (among others). Many men complain that their partners rarely tell them what they like at home.

So, women, do your compliments for free. Tell your husband exactly what you are attracting to them. What are your favorite physical characteristics? Tell them when they find something attractive that they say in a certain way, when they reach a goal or when they invite them to an appointment. Their compliments do not make them arrogant; It will help them to feel loved.


Men feel respect as love. If he feels that you are unhappy with him, his career or the things he sees as part of his life, it will be hard for him to trust you and love you. The idea behind this is: “If you do not respect me for who I am deep down, how can you choose the best for me?” If a man’s partner does not respect his way of doing things or his mission in life, it will be very difficult for him to feel anything other than the anxious need to distance himself from her.

Sexual connection

Men and women are connected via sex and communication, but in general, women are better connected via communication and men via sex.

Does this mean that men must have sex with their intimate partner every day to feel connected? Not necessary

In general, men connect through indicators of sexuality as well as sex.

Let me explain to you …

Often, a man will start having sex to make sure you are still sexually available to him. So when he stretches out his arm and strikes you on the bed, even the desire to hug him, kiss him, and play may be enough to make him feel loved.

This lack of awareness that women come into contact with each other through words and men through sex can sometimes become a spiral of fast and unhappy descent. She will not feel ready to give herself sexually until she feels connected to him, but it is difficult for her to communicate with her because they have not had physical contact for days.

Talk to your partner and ask them what specifically helps you to be loved to avoid these unintentional blind spots.

The Things that Every Man Wants from a Relationship (Part 1)

Emotional intimacy

At a young age, men learn to keep from appearing weak at all costs. Perceived “weakness” includes things like complaining, talking about one’s fears or worries, and expressing self-confidence or fear.

A man’s partner is his safe place to fall. You can expose cracks in your armor and allow your partner to help you heal.

Just as women need time to sexually enjoy a relationship, men give themselves emotionally over time.

He must make sure that when he shouts for you for the first time, you do not reject him or act badly. If you refuse or if you are unable to support it when you need it most, you will not trust your emotions. He will leave the relationship.

In this case, both parties lose: he continues to suffer in silence and continues to believe that his imperfection is a defect and emotionally keeps him away.

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