The Good in Disaster

The Good in Disaster

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The Good in Disaster – An activity that an individual attempt to achieve a specific goal is called effort. Life is continuous and uncountable. Every effort or effort requires the effort of the people and consumes energy when executed.

People are not perfect, they have precise controls over the events of life. In addition, people have some limitations, both physical and mental. A person may not be able to anticipate or encounter multiple threats or challenges during the effort. Human limitations cause numerous failures or crises.

Three Levels of Disaster

Disaster can be divided into three levels; light, mediocre and heavy. A mild Disaster is a minor complication that can be resolved because of your problem and responsive participation.

Mediocre Disaster is the critical point of every event in life; they need a fast and intelligent counterattack. In a serious crisis or catastrophic phase, the magnitude of the problem increased to the highest level and the results were amply demonstrated. Crises can be restored or managed.

There are no strict rules or rules for crisis management in order to find the source of any crisis. Sometimes disasters naturally occur to satisfy some Divine Beings. So change, frustration, and failure are inevitable – even very necessary.

Ultimately, this is a tool that helps people achieve their goals. However, people can avoid unnecessary crises, fight crises if they arise and, more importantly, they can multiply because of the mental clarity and focused personality.

Fundamental Factors of Internal and External Disaster

In general, there are two fundamentals of internal and external crises. Internal factors are taken into account by the thoughts and actions of many people. For example, wrong decisions, misconceptions of various life experiences, dangerous thoughts, drowsiness and so on.

Due to emerging difficulties. This is remarkable, hardness, wrong accommodation and neglect of change can trigger a crisis/disaster. During the dilemma, you have to listen to the cause, open the meeting for the opposite reason, and direct/focus all life events that will surely ensure that someone is on the way.

Foreign Disasters, Foreign Intervention, Bad Corporations, Corruption / Government Management, etc. It is the result of elements outside one’s mental environment. We can generally understand that the internal basis of the crisis is more critical and determinant than the externality.

e physical state of a person during the effort and crisis is very important to us. Usually, people consider an effort important, but sometimes did not produce the desired results in the expected time, moreover, people can ignore certain variables.

Because of the limitations of nature, the person can get angry at times. Changes or crises that suddenly meet expectations. How can individual combat this emotional state while really struggling in reality? In this short article, we intend to discuss this issue with special consideration.

Focus, Hope and … Fear

There are goals for each venture, goals for each target, and the cause of each action. The focus is on remembering the essence/purpose of what someone is busy with. The focus is a map for each trip; intellectually and intuitively, it sets a new path toward one’s goals. It inspires the tourists, motivates you every turn. Focus gives meaning to effort without emptiness. The distinctive quality of focused people is their trust.

A remarkable and firm belief or self-confidence exceeds the mental limits and affects the dimensions of an intangible reality. A person may experience various crises during the exertion. The magnitude of this failure may vary, but what can not be denied is that firm belief, hard work, and a neutral attitude end up producing lucrative results.

The opposite had recognized Any material or intangible object in the universe. The principle of dualism explains the relationship between the two terminal terms. For example, joy, sadness, ignorance, good or evil, reality, etc. Distinguished by. Unless it’s the opposite, there’s no reason to look for something. Likewise, fear had distinguished hope. No matter how many people condemn fear.

Fear is not a crime

Fear is not a crime; teaches us our weaknesses. Someone is ready to accept the change when he recognized the fear. Change can usually take the form of a crisis. Fear can lead someone into difficult situations if directed correctly. The goal is not to know fear, surrender to it. The pain of fear can cause

Tension in mind, then negativity. Negative thoughts are usually purposeful; On the contrary,  purpose or focus will guide positive thoughts. Waiting with hope allows the person to seek out the best, recognize the fear and let someone plan the worst.

The Good in Disaster

Last Word – What is a good crisis?

Every person lives a different life and has a different personality tendency. A person’s thought patterns and previous life experiences form patterns of behavior. In addition, when one grows, they have an important role in shaping the temperament of the environment.

Developments in mentality and behavior patterns require a practical approach, and we can not find comprehensively for people, not always. Therefore, it is important for individuals to overcome certain events or trials of life, which allows them to distinguish certain aspects of life from positive or negative or neutral tendencies.

We can see These trials or difficulties as similarities, good, bad or very bad. But learning is common in each. We have to pay attention and recognized on the contrary. Likewise, we can use disasters and unpleasant experiences to recognize things in various ways.

The branch of mathematics, Chaos Theory, is the science of surprise. “These are complex systems whose behavior is very sensitive to small changes in conditions, so small changes can have very large consequences.” Human life is dynamic and variable.

Chaos theory is an important aspect of our lives; dynamic aspect. Life is basically a wait for change. How does the Butterfly Effect explain, how big our decisions are and who knows if they will not significantly affect our future prospects?

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