Loving a woman

Loving a woman

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Loving a woman – It’s not easy for a man to do it, but it’s not that difficult either. I think in this case it’s not about her (the mistake, the responsibility or the result), but more about us. Love is not something you want, but only something you choose and do.

How to love a woman

These are the ways loving a woman, Let’s put it in context:

Take responsibility – not protagonism

To love a woman does not just love her literally. It is to understand what concerns you and to make these concerns yours, not visible, no, it is the easiest part. For example, if you take responsibility for your work problems and make them visible so that you can see that you’re there to support them, then it’s a way to pretend (or imitate).

When you pull the strings to make your project work, without being present or claiming the honor, when you appreciate its virtues and you show it in public without your knowledge, or when you are at night works to stimulate your dream like magic? this time and many other times, you love him.

Creativity and surprise, more than a wallet

Amarla has nothing to do with the bottom of your wallet. Some men (and even women) can pretend otherwise. It sounds like creativity or innovation: if there is a fire of passion, the spark will inevitably ignite, no matter how many people your financial situation evolves. In fact, just as he spoke of innovation, the best spell, surprise or creativity is born in times of despair and scarcity. Here, it would be something similar, if there was a fire, the surprise would occur, love would occur.

Find the balance

In most cases, keeping a woman requires an effort that we are not used to or want, which is why she is so perishable, so fleeting that she is so unlikely in the long run that she will stay, I think.

Of course, we can initially accept, you can stop doing what you do intentionally, with determination and determination, and you adapt to it, but what happens when we had consolidated the relationship, strengthened the trust and penetrated and that the links ask for more? Warning?

Tell me if you ask me, I would say that the key is to compromise and accept until both parties find a balance. The rules of the game are never clear, the line between accomplishment and violation is too diffuse. Therefore, we need work, clarity, honesty, and awareness to know where an effort/responsibility begins and where a sacrifice/obligation ends.

Whatever, if you have to think more than once why you should stop doing what you do to love a woman, then it’s not the woman you should love, if it’s worth it, you work on it. explain why it is necessary to create a cross between the two parties.

The vulnerability

To love him is to be humble and assured when it is time to slip into the errors and stupidity of a man. Next step, acknowledge them and admit them, then work them out with hope. It may be one of the parts where we fail the most. This is where half of the story is cloudy. Our ego and vanity are usually so powerful that they blind us and forbid us to love a woman even more. I have seen so many times that we missed this opportunity not to admit that it would be ridiculous. Neither better nor worse than a woman, sitting on the same line of vulnerability in all cases, is what is required here.


loving a woman is to be the same romantic, caring, caring and considerate person you have tried to make her fall in love with you. If you think he’s ready, you’ve already realized, you’re already lost. It is comparable to excellence, not being the best, the most perfect, the most beautiful and the least bad, it is pushing the other to greatness.

Loving a woman

Love, sex, fire

I could not let myself be loved by a woman, I loved her completely. Find the smallest possibility for your lips to caressing slightly but intensely every corner of your body. Find your mouth, embrace it with intention and desire, with strength but with affection.

Have love, not the 5 minutes and that’s all, it takes more time, with more calm, tenderness and understanding. To love her is to fill her with pleasure as she loves him (you have to know it), there is nothing wrong with that, give her more, without stopping, whenever you can.



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