How to act if you find yourself stuck in a traffic jam

How to Act if You Find Yourself Stuck in a Traffic Jam

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How to Act if You Find Yourself Stuck in a Traffic Jam – Did you know that drivers in big cities are stuck in a car for 62 hours a year on average? This leads us to waste not only a lot of time but also fuel. But the truth is that we can not do much in these situations.

The best way to avoid this is of course not to stay there, to inform us of the current traffic situation, to avoid rush hours and bottlenecks. However, if it were so simple, there would be so many traffic jams and the normal thing is that, even if we try at all costs, sooner or later we’ll be stuck between a mass of stationary cars and the roar of cars. engines of other vehicles. . .

With that, we only have patience and empathy, because other drivers are just as frustrated as we are. This is why we must also avoid the bad glass and as calmly as possible, advance little by little to get out without losing our heads. And the only thing you can get is to increase your chances of having an accident. Today, in our tire shop, we bring you some tips on how to act if you’re stuck in a traffic jam.

8 practical ideas to Act if You Find Yourself Stuck in a Traffic Jam

1. Turn on the radio and turn on the traffic report for your area to know the cause of the traffic jam.

Although this does not offer a solution, it can be useful to relax, knowing that it is a traffic jam of a few kilometers and that the delay will not be so great. And if you plan to spend a lot of time there, you can at least plan and warn if you arrive later or if you do not arrive on time.

2. Always try to break as gently as possible

Because if the car behind does not maintain the correct safety distance, we can reach a range. It’s true that traffic jams are usually not serious, but remember that it’s not worth risking as it will make things worse.

3. Start the car carefully

In order to avoid excessive fuel consumption, we recommend that you start the car carefully, without leaving too much room to avoid the temptations of other vehicles wishing to drive for you.

4. Create a playlist for these situations.

Remember that if you like music, you can have fun with singing and the time will go a little faster, especially if you go alone in the car and you can not talk to anyone.

How to act if you find yourself stuck in a traffic jam

5. Calling someone is also an option.

For example, you can take the opportunity to call a family member or friend you have not been in contact with for a long time and stay informed. You can even benefit from calls from particular management that you manage. Remember, it’s important to keep your eyes on the road.

6. Always have energy bars, candy bags or healthy food in the car, as well as a bottle of water.

Leave them in the glove box and you can use them if you are in a traffic jam. In this way, if it’s time for lunch or thirst, you can eat and drink, which is very important to prevent the attention from being diverted from the road, especially during the warmer months.

7. Purchase a massage device for the seat of your car.

In this way, you can activate it when you are in the middle of a traffic jam and relieve the tension of the back and back that accumulate in these situations. This way, you will be less stressed and your muscles will be less disturbed by sitting in the same position for so long.

8. Better to wait in a restaurant

If you think that traffic jams will last a long time, it’s better to wait in a restaurant or cafeteria than to spend hours in traffic jams to refuel and lose your patience. If possible, get off at the next exit on the road or go to a city and find a cafeteria. Sit down, eat something and learn more about the traffic situation to know when to hit the road again.

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