Educate with love

Educate with love

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Educate with love – Raising with love means taking the child as a human being; a person who deserves the same affection and respect as every adult.

To raise and educate with love is to be reflected in the child and to remember the moments when we wanted a kiss, a caress, a hug, an approval … It ‘you love.

Educate with love

Rising and educate with love is to respect the development of the child without forcing it. There are teaching methods that allow us to let the child acquire certain skills faster than we thought. If you can promote pedagogy and achieve it without causing problems, for my own good; if not, let him grow up and wait with wise patience.

To rise with love is to learn about the autonomy, the freedom of the student. Now, autonomy does not mean absence. Together with our child, we can encourage him to do things for himself but support him, let him know that we, his teachers, his parents, his mothers, we are here and we will help him. ‘he needs it.

To raise and educate with love does not mean to forget that education should not be purely educational; to train is not only learning; The training consists of bringing the man, the child, this poor and humble being, to his maximum physical, psychological and moral state. The doctrine to be dried is indoctrinated and morally empty. Education, which only suits me if it is accompanied by a correct and valid ethic, expands hearts, minds, and spirits.

Equality is the way

Rising with love is not about leading the education process as a goal-oriented tool, but as a training to be an objective in itself. For example, if we give a feminist education, that is to say egalitarian, I do not think it is to create a just society between men and women, but if it is done in this way, it is because it’s just to be done.

That is, do not think of a path to equality, but that equality is the way. Do not think of a path to freedom, but let freedom be the way. Do not think that there is a way to achieve peace, but peace is the way.

To rise with love is to think that the adult does not come to us / if he is empty / he thinks he has already written something in his head: ideas and emotions. It respects both. We must not forget that our child also has a brain that allows him to generate ideas and feelings. We must not only focus on intellectual education but only on sentimental education. Training in both areas is possible.

Raising with love allows the child to move. This allows you to satisfy your curiosity and explore the world, as an archeologist enters a new world full of treasures that you have not yet discovered.

Education with love does not bind our educator. It’s not weaving a chain, not even tires. It is to build a bridge that allows us to be in touch at the same time that we can be separated from you and me.

Educate with love

Comes from ourselves

To rise with love consists in wishing the best to our pupil and accepting him as he is, without pretending to change it for our taste nor to use it for our own purposes.

Raising with love means showing interest and taking care of the baby, without doing so exaggeratedly and extremely, to the point that it cancels it.

Learn with love that this small and delicate being is not ours, but comes from ourselves (we have reached a point where parents think that “my child is mine and I have the right to decide on him” all that pleases me “, and this leads to the fact that, as it belongs to the mother and the father, they can decide that their son/daughter is beating things like him.” Blame him because it is mine”).

Raising with love is the good, happiness and self-realization of the aspiring boy or girl, without which the scarcity of good, happiness and self-realization, because what is lacking cannot be offered.

To rise with love is like speaking in a low voice, like two lovers who speak lip to lip; without shouting, without arrogance or pedantry. With humility and delicate affection.

By raising yourself with love, you prostrate yourself and you rise to the height of the child. We can not ask him to be at our level as if he were an adult, but we can always make the world a little smaller to suit him. Because sometimes you have to stoop to help grow.

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