Do negative people affect you

Do negative people affect you?

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Do negative people affect you? – In addition to protecting yourself from your toxic personality, it is important to show these people that to be happy, it is essential to have a more optimistic view of things.

We are convinced that you also know negative people. He is always in a bad mood and has a great capacity to transmit it to his entourage.

  • They are people with a low tolerance for frustration.
  • They are used to reacting with protests and negative behaviors to events that do not exactly match their expectations.

But how can we defend ourselves against them?

What is the reason for the constant bad mood in some people?

There are people living in constant pessimism. The negativity that affects not only their lives but also that of others.

  • Experts tell us that, in reality, it is behind these people: constant irritability and dissatisfaction with themselves.

In the end, these people are the victims of themselves, because they are constantly disappointed by reality.

Sometimes they may not reach a true depression. However, they have low self-esteem and some apathy and some contempt. Like a bowl of thorns.

Although the glass does not drop, they still see it half empty. They are wary and can not enjoy the good that surrounds them.

  • They also have a particular art of communicating their negativity to others.

We often find statements such as “why are you going to do this if you do not do it right”, “it’s not worth trying, you’re not good at these things”.

And even if we try to ignore them, they influence us in a certain way and we get discouraged, especially in the following cases:

  • If the negative person is a close relative: father, mother, partner …
  • If the negative person has power over us: this is the case of our boss at work.

In this case, the numbers that affect our lives and that we see with relative frequency can have an impact on us.

  • It bothers us, influences us and forces us to defend ourselves against them daily.

Then we explain how you can defend yourself against toxic people.

Do negative people affect you

Keys to defend against negativity

1. Set limits

If these negative people are very close to your personal entourage, they will touch you sooner or later. Although it is because of his own insistence.

We must be careful because such behaviors, affirmations, and comments can threaten our self-esteem. They hurt us.

We must set limits, respond reasonably to negativity:

  • Why are you going to run for this opposition if only those involved in the work are involved? I will introduce myself because I think I am qualified.
  • How can you look at this boy/girl if he is too attractive to you? I look at the person I love because I am like everyone else and I have the right to be happy too.

That is to say, with calm and balance, we must set limits for those who, with their affirmations, always try to harm us.

2. Show them that they have a problem

It’s a bit more difficult. After a negative person, there is always defeatism and low value to enjoy the positive things in life. They do not want to hope or hope.

  • Demonstrate that they are wrong and in the first place that you do not look like them.
  • Smile at your negative comments.
  • Never return negative statements. Try to tell him as much as you can about the benefits.

Behind these personalities, there is mistrust, sometimes even jealousy. It is always good to show them that their vision of reality is wrong.

  • Do not contract the infection because these people are not happy. Do not let them have power over you.
3. Work confidently with negative people

There is nothing better than assertiveness to defend oneself against those who try to hurt us. Of those who want to manipulate us.

  • You must know what you want for you at all times.
  • What you want is just to be happy, live your life and show that you are able to do what you want to do.

It will not do you any good if these negative people tell you that “you are not worth it, you are incapable, it will be bad for you”

Life learns and lives, and you can sometimes go wrong. But then you get up again and try again, you get what you offer.

You must assert yourself and say what you want out loud. Without fear, you must set limits and show that you are not afraid of bad opinions.

  • It’s the negative people who are afraid, not you

That is why it is essential that we learn to open our private umbrellas to resist protecting these frequent personalities.

It’s worth it to help them if it’s in our hands. Show them that to be happy, you need a more optimistic view of things.

We must increase our self-esteem and think that we are all entitled to happiness and that it is up to us to achieve it. Do not hesitate!

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