Can Two People be Loved at The Same Time?

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Can Two People be Loved at The Same Time? – This is the question I recently asked my audience on my radio show. Most of the people who called said it was not possible, but there were some who said the opposite. Even psychologists disagree on this very controversial issue. Some say you can and others just deny it.

A radio listens to me and says, “I have the perfect wife, she is a wonderful mother, an excellent woman and she is also very good at bed, but I have a loved one and I love them both”

I do not doubt that this boy can love these two women. People have the ability to feel love for many people at the same time. Do not we want our children, parents, brothers, and sisters at the same time? However, to love and to love is not the same thing.

Those who think they are in love with two people at the same time, I invite you to answer the following questions to find out who they prefer both. If you answer affirmatively in all, I assure you that you are the one you love.

1) Is it difficult to think about what life would be like without this person?

2) Do you feel a burning desire for him/her?

3) Do you feel a spiritual connection with this individual?

4) Are you ready to help him achieve his goals?

5) Do you think your partner can not replace it with someone? (Not even with Luis Miguel or JLO!)

6) If your loved one needed a transplant, could you donate a kidney?


It is difficult to love two people at the same time

I doubt that anyone can answer yes to all these questions by referring to two people at the same time. It would be impossible for me! I still like it because I miss this person in front of me. When I hear good news, I want to tell them first. When I go into a store and see something you want, buy fast. And when I taste something delicious, I think I’d like to share it with my beloved. How can you feel these feelings of two men at a time?

True love consumes a lot of our time, our thoughts and our energy. It would be difficult to multiply it by two! So I said to the man who was involved in my program: “Do not like it either” and the call ended by humming an old song by the famous singer José José: “Is that all we want … but few know how to love “

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