3 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Spouse More Than Your Mothers

3 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Spouse More Than Your Mothers

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3 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Spouse More Than Your Mothers – I recently spoke to many women who think they have reached a dead end in their marriage. These women will tell you that they have a happy and successful marriage in almost every respect, except with a marriage that seems to be a huge elephant in the room, the relationship between her husband and her mother.

These women feel degraded when their mother-in-law is present because her husband expresses the needs, wishes and opinions of her mother about his wife’s.

“It also applies to the opposite case where it is the woman who presents the needs of her mother to her husband”

Their mothers-in-law criticize how they maintain the house, how they dress or discipline their children, and how they meet the needs of their husbands.

These women want to have good relations with their mother-in-law, but do not feel accepted by them. Instead of a healthy relationship and mutual support, they have a negative and confrontational relationship in which both women feel threatened by each other.

When I asked these women to explain their situation one by one, I noticed that they had common feelings: they did not feel respected and eclipsed by their mother-in-law. Above all, they feel frustrated by her husband because they do not defend him or let this behavior continue.

Unhealthy relationships between parents and children are found on both sides of the marriage (ie in the husband’s and wife’s family), but in this article, I want to emphasize the mother-child relationship.


Like a marriage, we must do everything in our power to show love and respect to maintain peace with our extended families, but never at the expense of our marital relationship.

Our parents must understand that it is not good for them to try to govern our marriage. We need your support, your encouragement and your wisdom will always be welcome when we ask for advice. But they must respect us, our partner, our marriage and our privacy.

But what if our parents do not do this? Should we allow them to continue to undermine our marriage and our partner? Certainly not.

Women, husbands: you can probably feel identified with the situation I mentioned at the beginning. Do they feel that they are constantly in conflict with their mother-in-law?

Do your spouses apologize for justifying their mother’s negative behavior towards you? Do they often talk to their husbands about their mother-in-law and how they treat them?

More importantly, did you do everything to be at peace with them?

Men, maybe you have conversations like this with your women now and you realize:

“My mother is a mature woman making her own decisions, I can not tell her how one feels for my wife or how to treat my wife.”

Love and care of your partner

Guys, we need to solve this serious problem immediately. They have to love their partner enough to defend their marriage … even their own mothers. They can not apologize for justifying their mother and allowing them to mistreat their husbands.

When their mothers talk negatively about their wives or express contempt for their marriage and family, that is too much.

It is true that they can not control what they will say or do, but they have the power to tell them to stop. Or you and your spouses can withdraw if they continue.

Your mothers must hear you say that their control, passive-aggressive and exclusionary behavior towards their wives and their marriage must end. Tell them that they should talk to their wives in their presence or that the conversation ends.

It is important to communicate all this in the most respectful way possible, but also directly.

Dear reader, I know that these conversations are uncomfortable. Emotions are triggered because we are dealing with family problems … that we love and respect. It is precisely for this reason that these conversations must take place before the situation worsens. I will give 3 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Spouse More Than Your Mothers

3 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Spouse More Than Your Mothers

Too much is at stake! Husbands, Wives: Here are three reasons why you should love your spouse more than your mothers

1. Love is not a competition.

Your partner should not feel compelled to compete with his mother because of his love, respect, and worship.

They can have a great wedding and excellent with their mother, but marriage comes first. It’s just the type of love they feel for their spouse, other than the one they feel for their mother.

They can love each other, but they must meet the needs of their spouses before their mothers. No exceptions

2. The marriage is two people.

When we get married, our relationship with our parents must change

When we get married, our loyalty goes first to God, then to our partner and then to our children (if we have one), and finally to our parents. I did not invent that. That’s how God designed marriage.

3. A marriage is united.

Two can not become one without unity. This means that a man and a woman are on the same page and are going in the same direction … physically, emotionally and spiritually.

This can not happen if one spouse believes that loving their partner prevents them from loving and respecting their mother in one way or another. To love a mother and to love her husband are two completely different things.

Husbands, women: your mothers are part of you. She raised them and she was the first woman to love and love them forever, but her mothers are not their couples. They may have trouble letting them go, but they have to control themselves because of their marriage. And, you must tell them this essential truth in a gentle but direct way.

Your mothers will always be your mothers and you will always be their children. Nothing can change that. But your spouse deserves your total delivery. You should love your spouse more than your mothers

You promised to love, protect, serve your partner and even give your life for them. It’s a different kind of love, a love that can only be experienced if we offer our whole heart to our partner.

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