Surviving Bad Times

Surviving Bad Times

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Surviving Bad Times – This article outlines the steps necessary to survive in difficult times. This idea can help you stay safe. They can help you develop under the right conditions.

Overcoming Fear

If you freeze in fear, you can not do much to help yourself. Your fear comes from things that are basically unfamiliar. The information in this article describes the various options available. Knowing your possibilities, you can take your prospects to the point of focus. This will help you to get rid of your fears. You need to get rid of the fear to make wise decisions and act bravely. Get rid of your fear! He can not help you. Only he can stop you.

Note that some people can build new businesses that are successful during the Great Depression. They get rid of fear and take decisive action in a negative situation.

Review your status

Once you eliminate fear, the next step is to assess your current situation. This will help you make good decisions about your future. You must be realistic in your analysis. I advise you for surviving bad times, to pay attention to three things like responsibility, resources and possible threats. Explain them on paper. As long as doubts and fears are returned, you will not be able to review your actual situation.

Your responsibility is basically about your relatives. It may also include family members, employers, lenders, and other pets. Some of the things you feel responsible for may not be your problem. You can not bring the whole world to your shoulders. Other people may have to fight for themselves.

Its resources include tangible assets – money, clothing, vehicles, equipment, real estate, household goods, and other products. Resources also include intangible assets such as education, experience, skills, and independence. Your resources may also include tangible and intangible assets that can be used by your family and friends. The desired attitude is the desire to do whatever it takes.

Easily unidentified threats. In addition to the apparent threat, there may be several conditional threats. These things may or may not. For example, if several governments face serious financial difficulties, Social Security and unemployment benefits can be cut. Your friendly neighbors may be desperate and be a threat to you or your family. Think about what happened under the same conditions in the past and in other places. Consider also today that people can be as irresponsible and independent as in the past. (More than four threats to write, something to consider.)

After explaining these three things on paper, you can check them out and understand your situation more clearly. Then you can decide what actions are possible and desirable for you and your family.

Surviving Bad Times

To survive under current conditions

You have to be independent. Do not trust the government for help! You may have to reduce your living expenses or find ways to make more money. You (or other family members) may have part-time jobs. Maybe someone in the family can do odd jobs or do some services to earn extra money. If you are currently working, try to be more important so you do not get fired.

Here are some other ideas for surviving bad times :

  • Find a cheaper rental house
  • Eliminate luxury or other unnecessary costs
  • Use public transportation
  • Buy a used car instead of a new car
  • Buy only real, long-lasting value items
  • Learn new habits with little or no money
  • Very rarely used, but does not purchase rented or borrowed products
Survive if things get worse.

You may need to move. Join a group of independent and independent people. There is usually more security in the group. A group of people with different skills and resources, but sharing the same attitudes and beliefs, can be a safe place. Some people in the group may have things they do not use, but they may benefit others.

If you have nothing else, meet your neighbors. Start interacting more with them. For example, you can edit a part of the blocker or exchange help. Do some people fear you? Make a small one A person borrows money but never returns? These are the people that should be avoided when things go wrong.

Last thoughts

Some people survive the harsh conditions in which others die. The sample is a long time in a concentration camp. How can they survive? I think there is a desire to survive while the others are alive. You can find the way for surviving bad time, Be bold and bold – be the survivor!

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