resolve conflicts between co-workers

Resolve Conflicts Between Co-Workers

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Resolve Conflicts Between Co-Workers – Touch does not always make love. Sometimes the opposite happens. Spending many hours together, under heavy doses of stress and stress, gives rise to specific stress situations and can in the worst case generate real open wars between colleagues.

A recent study by Universia reveals that in 88% of cases, companies do not react to situations of this conflict. It is could harm the employees. work environment and even the work environment

Not acting is not an option. Consultants, human resources experts, and consulting firms have attempted to define specific action.

Based on his recommendations, we have prepared this Decalogue for conflicting Between Co-Workers:

Detect the problem quickly and act immediately.

If you notice a conflict between your collaborators, do not act as a spectator. Monster experts warn that “an unresolved conflict can lead to something worse”. Examine the problem and gather the employees as quickly as possible to try to resolve it.

Visualize the problem from a broad perspective.

The confrontation between two workers in a working group is not limited to these two people.

The conflict can lead to confrontations between the parties with conflicts and, ultimately, very negative consequences. Remember to do this.

Do not impose peace.

Interrupting a discussion between your employees or subordinates to force them to shut up and focus on their work will not solve the problems. Create the right atmosphere, wait for the most appropriate time, gather the people in conflict and show them that the meeting is taking place to solve a problem.

Be clear about the solution.

Inform yourself before meeting your employees. Try to understand the nature of the conflict and find a solution. Let them express themselves, listen to their points of view, but do not be sympathetic to their reasons. Do not choose a party Reminds them that both will have to admit and change their attitude to solve the problem.

Influencing the common objectives.

Detecting the aspects that opponents can agree on is essential to creating a good negotiating climate and can help you to make a common diagnosis about the nature of the problem.

resolve conflicts between co-workers

Show your optimism.

Show your employees that it is easy to reach an agreement. It can be difficult to resolve the conflict if each of the employees involved puts something in their favor.

Concentrate on the problem.

It is essential to limit the debate to the problem of work. Attack any suspicion, irony or personal appreciation that people involved make between themselves. Show them that the purpose of the meeting is to solve the problem of functioning within the work team and not a conflict of a personal nature.

The professionalism of the personality.

Use the professionalism of the employees. Accept that it is normal for disagreements between different personalities, but let them understand that they should not interfere with work. It is not a question of why one or the other carries the reason, but of making a working group work.

Accept and write them down.

The ideal would be to reach an agreement shared by all, if not to try to contract at least partial obligations. Clearly define a series of specific actions to improve the functioning of the working group and write them down so that there is no room for questioning them later.

Follow the situation.

Do not consider the problem solved. Conduct periodic evaluation of the success of the process, both individually and collectively, and as the situation improves, you reinforce the feeling of success through oral praise. If that does not improve … The ILO’s recommendations

If this does not improve, you may need to make decisions at a different level. The International Labor Organization has developed a model protocol of action to resolve conflicts in working groups.

However, he also recommends the established formal dispute resolution bodies, especially larger ones, to resolve internal problems.

The ILO is expecting from the Human Resources Department an assessment of the situation on the basis of this

The failure of the informal process can lead to more aggressive solutions such as the dismissal of one or both of the conflicting workers.

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