Do not punish yourself

Do not Punish Yourself

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Do not Punish Yourself – The person is a mix of experience and constant change. A body that grows, ages and ages. Emotions that are confused every day. A reality that changes inside and out. We are never the same as yesterday, last week or last month. For this reason, it is useless to want to punish us for our past mistakes, to insist on what we are wrong, to censure, to criticize ourselves.

We must begin to realize that we are wrong because of a problem that no longer exists. When we have little confidence in our abilities and suffer from them, we waste time and many energies that reject a part of ourselves that has already changed.

Being unstable, blaming, feeling rejected or not acting are reactions you should not follow for a mistake. You will be even more tortured and likely to repeat again. You’d better think that you acted on the level of understanding you had at the time, even if it does not match what you have today.

The present is important

It is very important to keep in mind that the present is important. Do not judge yourself, do not punish us for unnecessary guilt, do not stay rooted in the past. What matters to you is the reality of the moment, the day you live. Imagine that you are a rose: the flowering rose does not feel guilty to wither, but renews itself and perfects itself each time. He does not cry for fallen petals, accepts change as part of life.

Do not punish yourself

We all make mistakes and correct them. It’s a way of learning and being mature. Think of those who never make mistakes (and that’s how it is to make decisions in others because their self-esteem is very fragile – and perfectionists – because they want to control everything, they end up find in a microscopic life.

We all make mistakes and correct them is a way to learn and grow. But do not worry about them, because the requirement of perfectionism is a form of “crushing” that can tend to masochism and self-destruction.

I know people who believe that their leaders are always aware of their mistakes. And they are afraid to present ideas or initiatives to implement them in their department or company. Take the initiative and experiment to see what happens! What can happen in your company when your initiative aims to improve your service? What do you think of a boss who does not like this behavior in a situation like this? Is it worth it to try?

When do I think of the situation of people who go to an interview and are afraid of not answering the right question, what is the correct answer? Is there? Change of program, clothes, eloquence. If it does not work as you do, experiment and act differently instead of throwing it away.

Somehow in Spain, we learned the feeling of ridicule and so we prevented a lot of things. When will we learn that error is the first step to evolve? What is the worst thing that can happen to you if you make a mistake? What are we learning?

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