Ways to Find the Solution to Marital Conflicts 2

Ways to Find the Solution to Marital Conflicts (Part 2)

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Ways to Find the Solution to Marital Conflicts (Part 2) –  Not everything is lost. There are many things you can do together to deal with those disagreements in your life as a couple.

The next Ways to Find the Solution to Marital Conflicts are :

Keep the ego under control

You could say that your ego is a way to protect yourself from the world around you. This is not bad, but it is not good either, because if you use this “protection”, you prevent your partner from seeing you as you are.

It is important for your partner to know your vulnerable side. not to abuse it, but to really know what hurts you and in what aspects you are strong. But it must be reciprocal, so you must also ready for everything you have to say, without judging, but without hurting yourself.

It is important to gradually put this shield aside and allow you to face your fears. Moreover, if you show yourself as you are, you will be sure that your partner loves you for the person you really are or for whom you liked what you liked.

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Do not be afraid to take a step towards reconciliation

To acknowledge that we have made a mistake is very difficult. Ask forgiveness is also and more when you want to take the initiative.

The problem is that the sooner one of the two overcomes the fear, the sooner he will know what to do to correct the mistakes and to progress.

Find a way to get closer, to talk, to repair the damage done; but do not procrastinate, because when time passes and things are not resolved, relationships end.

Ways to Find the Solution to Marital Conflicts 2

Do not blame yourself

A matching problem always has two participants. So, “throwing the ball” to feel guilty is not healthy for anyone. The faster you recognized mistakes without blaming the causes of the misunderstanding, the sooner they will find a way to solve the problem. But yes, they need a lot of modesty to achieve it.

Talk about forgiveness and be prepared to ask and allow it

Ask forgiveness and forgiving others is an aspect that begins in the mind of each person. When you consider forgiveness as a way of living without an emotional burden, you begin to prepare to forgive and ask for forgiveness.

Talking about it is not bad for the couple because it restores the fight to give itself the opportunity to continue, repair the damage done and never commit the act that led to forgiveness.

Like any act aimed at liberation, it takes a great deal of humility to achieve it; therefore it is important that you think about forgiveness long before you ask for it and allow it.

Avoid reasoning

If you want to know why your partner said or said something, don’t put pressure on them. This blocks any attempt to know the reason for the problem and makes it difficult to resolve the conflict.

What you can do is ask what you did to hurt your partner. It does not make you responsible for your actions, but yours.

It seems that everything presented above could lead you to the magic solution of a couple’s problems. but this is not the case, it is only the first steps that will work, if and only if both want and do their part.

That’s why the invitation to look for a shout, a bad face or a bad attitude is the most harmonious way to solve your problems, and these insurance mechanisms will help you.

That’s the Ways to Find the Solution to Marital Conflicts

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