Letting Go of the Fear of the Future

Letting Go of the Fear of the Future

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Letting Go of the Fear of the Future  – In the future, there is real hope. In the future, today there is a reflection of abundance and gratitude. Being afraid of the future means releasing most of your fear in general.

Just think: 99% of all our worries and fears are linked only to future thoughts and only
  • What are we going to bring tomorrow?
  • What if it’s unexpected, even painful?
  • Can I deal with this?
  • Am I ready for this?
  • How do I protect my family?
  • How do I deal with this?
But what happens when we leave all this fear?

What happens when we surrender to the uncertainty of the future and let ourselves experience and leave all the emotions left behind?

Can we do this?

Can you let go and take us so far?

After some Letting Go meditations on future uncertainty, when all the negative emotions behind this fear arose, they were released and released, some interesting explanations arose.

The most incredible thing is to realize that there is no future.

Every minute of our lives, we are defined by being in an open entity. We can not live in the past or in the future; we can only live right now.

So it is only our existence that we can truly fear because that is the only situation we are really living in. Yes, we can also think about the extent, multiplication, or variety of participation, which is also incorrectly altered by the word “future” but is still another form of existence.

Letting Go of the Fear of the Future

Now, that’s good news.


Because the good thing of being can shape it and define it exactly as we want it to be – at a given moment. Now we can decide whether we want to be happy or excited, whether we want to be lively or poor. We have a complete choice of power over the actual moment.

However, since the future is only an extension or product (or variation) of existence, we can shape our future by modeling our existence immediately:

If we feel true hope today, we create for our future.

If we feel abundance and gratitude today, we create for our future.

I admit that this concept may be a bit difficult to understand for most of you right now. However, once you post problems several times in the future, you will begin to see more clearly. For this concept to be fully understood, accepted and obtained great advantages, this concept must be fully experienced (removing obstacles to this experience). it.

So this is the process of getting rid of the fear of the future:
  1. In a quiet place, close your eyes and consider your fears about the future.
  2. Begin to notice the emotions behind your mind (when they begin to appear).
  3. Do not try to label, rationalize, or analyze that feeling in any way. Let them go out and express themselves.
  4. Slowly begin to indulge in these feelings, so that they are fully expressed in your body (or in other parts of your most intense feelings). Do not push them back, block or move against them. Leave them naturally and vice versa, as if you were an independent observer.
  5. After a while, make the decision to let them go once and for all and then let them go and disappear.

The above process may be necessary for many people to start experiencing the new and clear perceptions of future concepts that recur in the coming days or even weeks (in general, concerns about the future are a very strong problem) and have begun to experience as future concerns begin to disappear.

Remember, we can not control the moment of revelation. All we can do, let go, and when we are ready to come, revelation comes to us. If we allow ourselves to surrender properly, I assure you, sooner or later. There is no other way. We release and release the next path; We are clarifying our vision, and we should only hope that this conscious and unconscious mind awaits our alignment with this new reality. Paradoxically, our own brain is often the weakest link in our growth!

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