How to handle gossip at work

How to Handle Gossip at Work

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How to handle gossip at work – It’s hard to imagine an office without them. “Have you heard that …?” “Did you see what he said …?” Such a simple phrase can be the introduction of a series of gossip often followed by an illusionist “but do not tell anyone.” They are the classic gossip at work.

There is no return to give. Gossiping can turn the most introverted fellow into a real conversation.

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There are different degrees of gossip, so to speak. It’s one thing to comment on a third when you meet a friend and talk about your classmates in general. Another thing is the rumor that the focus is on a person and sold as if it were a truth.

In other words, the first type of gossip is to comment on a person’s privacy, even if that person did not intend to share that information with anyone. Another thing is to comment and encourage the spread of a rumor that no one knows if it’s true or not, but he begins to roll.

Not everything is so bad with gossip at work

Professor Birgit At least from the University of Lüneburg has published a book on the cultural history of gossip. There, he says gossiping at work also has a positive function, as it helps reduce tension in a very stressful time or give “herbs” to a rather awkward work schedule.

The authors had noted the effect of gossip is very clear, the gossip groups generate cohesion because if someone speaks “in secret” of a third.

But only the elements that seem very positive live to separate. The coherence that can generate a rumor among those who share it is based on the exclusion of someone who is at the center of gossip.

How to handle gossip at work

Can you stop commenting on the rumors?

It’s hard If someone is not part of the rumors, and not learn more about many things or even become gossip about others.

Many people join golf for this reason. He wants to be on the side of those who speak, within the group that creates cohesion, and not those who are designated. But is it really the best attitude?

Some team coaches say that when you start working in a new place, it’s best to talk to others about your privacy. because it tends to prevent rumors because of a lack of information.

And how to react if you are in the middle of gossip?

In general, if you are well integrated, you usually do not have this problem or you can have a friend who stops what is said within the group.

But what we have to do with our attitude? In some cases, it is good to ignore the problem. In other cases, it is good to react, especially if the rumor causes a lot of damage. You can go directly to this person to see what is going on. Another alternative would be, if it is a highly corrosive rumor, to raise the issue on appeal.

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But in the end, gossiping at work is like so many other things in life: a little, that’s good, but if you leave, it can ruin everything.

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