Compassion and Kindness

Compassion and Kindness

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Compassion and Kindness – In our daily lives, we often experience emotions and sensations beyond our environment and beyond physical limits. These emotions are about people or do not allow us to reflect and initiate actions to avoid obstacles or investigate the benefits that affect us in many ways. It is necessary to understand the structural meaning and content of Compassion and Kindness within and beyond conceptual boundaries.

The etymology of “compassion” is Latin, meaning “suffering.” Compassion includes “feelings toward others” and a pioneer of empathy; the ability to “feel like others” by active actions with a focus on people; In general, active compassion is a desire to relieve the suffering of others (ref: Wikipedia). One can see that love is closely related to doctors and human factors. In other words, when doing medical services, that is their attribute.

The scriptures of the Qur’an emphasize compassion and begin with the words yazil Bismillah Ar-Rahman and Ar-Raheem Kur. If saying had crushed people, the people got less effect, but reflection reveals depth with reading it

Most people have human values ​​

If you reflect the past, say more than a century ago, we can remember the love shown by the public in all honesty. This proves clearly and clearly that most people have human values ​​and less materialistic appendages. Therefore, values ​​have a profound effect when they define their meaning in the context. Conversely, environmental meanings and handwritten views of words or phrases do not have the most effective effect or effect. Therefore, the cultural, social or political impact of words is directly proportional to the values ​​they infringe.

If we do a critical analysis or an objective assessment, our goal should be to investigate the values ​​used for this expression. The results will show the growth of people and their impact on society.

William Wordsworth said: “The best part of a good man’s life,

Good work and little love, anonymous, you do not remember. “

In every discuss, compassion and kindness had played an analytical role. Both relate to human values, but critical analysis suggests that there is a difference between love and kindness. First, the feeling that one is suffering and the last to expand to help the needy. Mercy is more efficient in developing forms and methods, not only to provide timely assistance but also to avoid such repetition. In fact, kindness is a short-term help to solve problems at that moment.

When it is written about heroes and heroes, it is emphasized that the character characters of a nation develop in character. When heroes form the character of people, healthy communities try to show their compassion and compassion. It is not important that most followers or minorities carry the stick and rays of light for future generations.

Here, it is important to be careful and give advice to young generations or people who love to use love or gracefully. This can cause fatigue or stressful love. Charles Figley, a college professor, said it was when someone was deeply involved in the extreme information about the suffering that people suffered, lack of adequate stress tolerance has consumed people in loving activities. Whatever the motive or cause, it is recommended that the individual or group adopt the median path, thus achieving optimal results. This will help young people provide a healthy body and mind to ensure they receive pleasure and satisfaction.

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