Tips To Cope With Very Bad News

Tips To Cope With Very Bad News

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Tips To Cope With Very Bad News – This is not easy. It has never been so easy. And nothing can help you forget the situation. But there are some tricks that will soothe you or make you find extra power, and there are other things you should try to avoid to feel worse.

Let me summarize some tips. Remember, it is not about the patient you love now, who is sick now, but about you …

Think of two or three positive thoughts, or remember two happy or better and funny memories, and get ready to tell your favorite person right now.

When you are alone, you have to think about them because when people are sick, life tends to be busy or excessive. Use the opportunity to give them a small gift of happiness throughout the day. Prepare some stories, jokes or memories at any time. Be prepared to impose the subject changes on the conversation when you and the patient feel that the same old theme revolves around them. Refreshing will behave like a cool breeze.

Always focus on your full attention and try not to think about your pain when you are with a patient you love.

It will never fit. And do not let mental detours push you away from your real job that makes you strong enough to help your loved ones. “Why us, why me?” She is easy to ask. In fact, it is an unavoidable question. However, this is a question that does not have an obsessive response and does not solve the search problem and reduces its energy reserves. When you think about it (or something similar), take a few seconds to examine it and let your mind tell you that you are going to leave it alone. Turn your attention to more useful efforts.

Be Busy. Stay calm and do not let the problem attack you.

Do not stay in bed if you do nothing; Make a book or chord to make the cake. Everything is better than disrespecting thoughts or depression and compelling questions to swallow you. One of my favorites is writing something for my loved ones when my mind does not seem to find peace.

Just sitting at a computer or holding a pen in hand helps me focus and fight on negative ideas. One of my favorites, of course, is reading. Reading really calms my mind! This helped me to escape from reality for a while and proved to be a great way to reduce stress. But everything you read should be interesting to you. Do not try to put books in your house. Choose something that is meaningful and really want to know.

Meet your friends who can support you.

Find time to take away your anger and sorrow from the people you love, but support your friends or other people who care about you. Let others share your pain and comfort. Do not play heroes every day; you need to be tiring and protect your energy.

Tips To Cope With Very Bad News

Enlighten your anger and sadness by running, exercising, walking or practicing, or doing any manual activity you want, if not with friends.

Helping you focus your mind on doing something physical. Feeling angry and frustrated is no problem, it’s natural. And crying is good. But whatever you do, do not let it grow in anger and frustration. Both are very destructive forces that will only cause more suffering. Feel them, face them and understand that what you feel is a natural reaction. Then pour out unacceptable or excessive accumulation by doing something physically.

Plan small actions every day.

Some will do, some will be planned. I always have things to do: rent a movie theater, order books, organize small meetings with your friends, decide what to cook for dinner, still carry on. Planning daily tasks with or without patients will give you a normal feeling to help you. Some plans you can design with your loved ones: discuss details, talk about choices … as in any case.

There will be times when your mind and soul will seek calm and peace for silence and stillness.

Take a break. I’m a little lonely and I do not feel guilty for picking it up. Rest a little your thoughts and feelings raw. But make sure these times do not get punished. If you think your mind is wandering through unanswered questions, stop. Something is to enjoy a quiet moment; Another thing is to leave the depression behind you.

Finally, let your loved ones know that you are there, that you are as old as you and that you are together.

Sometimes when the pain is great, we move away from the people we love because it is too heavy to bear. Try not to. Browsing together. Let the love that you share connects you. It is okay to show that you are sad or even angry, as long as you are hopeful with them and show that you value them. Now a happy moment that is precious, less meaningful others shared before


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