This is how infidelity begins

This is How Infidelity Begins

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This is How Infidelity Begins – A monogamous relationship implies involvement. At least not be intimate with other people. However, many of us can point to a moment in our lives or in the lives of others in which this vital trust has been broken.

Maybe they deceived us, or we put the horns. If you’ve ever seen it or seen it on TV or in movies, the excuse is usually the same: “It just happened …”. This corrects (or does not explain) many things. Why did this happen? People are usually saving details with the reason not to damage the feelings of the other person.

However, a recent thread from Reddit’s online community sheds light on this thorny subject, often surrounded by lies and deceptions. Users, men, and women answer the same question: “How did your unfaithfulness begin and end?”

The answers show that the person who lays the horns does not usually see the reality as white or black as one would expect. Everything has its faults, its nuances, even its infidelities. We collect the best answers, which can be useful for not falling into the same error or understanding what can lead to an action that causes so much pain.

The relationship was already dead

“My marriage has become a failure, I got married too young, my husband was a driver and his husband was sexually oppressed, we are not respected,” begins an unsuccessful (unsuccessful) discovery attempt that her husband would carry.

It was miserable until he met someone at work: “we started harmless conversations, we, friends, we found excuses to send messages outside of work, started eating here and there together … the first group, then the two of us, thought about him all the time. ” She knew that she was entering a danger zone, but decided not to stop

In the next few weeks, every dinner became an excuse to make love. I felt extremely guilty, I never saw me as the kind of person to lower my head, he informed my husband before the case grew bigger. “He reacted badly and reinforced his role of control:”

After telling my husband that I wanted to divorce, he tried to destroy my life, trying to fire me, I warned all my neighbors and church members, published my infidelity on social networks, with references to our friends and our family, and threatened to beat my friend.

This friend is now my husband and we have been together for 10 years, I love more than anything and I respect more than anyone I have met. “Finally, add a postscript, if it was not clear:” I started because I married an idiot, the relationship was disastrous, but in the end, it was good for me. ”

This is how infidelity begins

Some people blame the uncertainty

“I do not want to believe it, but they say that once you’ve been cheated, it can not stop, and I’ve already committed infidelity many times. I really liked all those who had been unfaithful to me, nothing to do with this person, but with my own problems, that come from my insecurity, that does not make it acceptable, but that’s the reality. just honest, “says a user under anonymity.

Too young?

“It’s as if the protagonists of the stories in this thread apologize, but I have no excuse to offer, I was 18 and I have been with my girlfriend for about three months. I approached one of her friends and I quickly stopped spending time with her because he had put the horns instead of breaking it, that was because he did not want to be the reason why they, In short, it was a difficult situation for everyone, we were young and we did not know how to deal with the situation, “he says from experience.

“I will never tell you what happened”

“When I sent an international mission, my wife cheated on me at least three times, she said it to me, it hurts a lot and she’s recovering. A stranger, a relationship with a co-worker started, it took six months, at which point it is justified, as if I were getting their level, now I feel horribly wrong.

He remained his friend of the two

“It started with math tutoring in high school. I ended up living a double life in which everything I did with my supervisor involved him at that moment with my girlfriend. went to see the family. after graduating, I cut both and kind of witchcraft, even After discovering their provisions, I remained friends with both of them. Everyone did not do this.

The love of his life

“He was young, about 19 years old and one year old with my girlfriend. The first day of work, I found a girl who let my heart go, she made me believe in love at first sight, a few weeks later.” We made love and the next day, I broke up with my girlfriend. After a month, he went to live with me. It was 17 years ago. She is now sleeping on the floor next to our daughter. “

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