I Can't Sleep

I Can’t Sleep!

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I Can’t Sleep! – Have you tried one of these nights? You know the type; constantly playing and spinning, stretching the muscles, closing your mind? Stupid alarm clock looks expensive. If you could relax and drink enough coffee to spend tomorrow, let everything work.

Sleep is a strange thing. We want, we fight, we do our best to control ourselves instead of checking. Unfortunately, our body is not functioning properly when we are insufficient in sleep. In essence, ongoing research has determined that adequate sleep does not harm our health. When we sleep, our bodies repair vital organs and body systems, such as our adrenal glands, and strengthen our long-term memories as they help us understand the events of that day.

For example, lack of sleep can greatly weaken the immune system, accelerate tumor growth, and cause pre-diabetes disorders that can make you feel hungry even while eating. Even with a bad night’s sleep, it can impair your memory, reduce your problem-solving skills, and interfere with performance on physical and mental tasks, not to mention how this problem may manifest itself in your body.

You should sleep for eight hours.

An average person needs six to eight hours of sleep each night. This will accelerate aging and increase the risk of diabetes for most people who sleep less than six hours. But everyone needs something different, a little more, a little less, if you want to be dragged throughout the day, you should sleep for eight hours.

So the question is, what should we do when we are stressed and not sleep well? As we think about nutrition, exercise, meditation, and our lives are the key factors in our health and stress levels, but we are probably the most decisive factor in our health and well-being. Some suggestions to help you get rid of the stress and sleep you need.

Avoid snacks before bed, especially cereals and sweets. This will increase blood sugar and prevent sleep. Then, when your blood sugar falls a lot (hypoglycemia), you may not wake up and sleep again.

Completely in the dark or as close to sleep as possible, light interferes with the circadian rhythm of the pineal gland and the production of melatonin and serotonin. Also, there should be as little light as possible in the bathroom, so if you have to wake up in the middle of the night, do not shine in bright light (think of Gizmo and Gremlins).

Super stimulant for the brain

There is no TV before bed. Better yet, remove the TV completely from the bedroom or house. This is a super stimulant for the brain and takes more time to fall asleep. It also interferes with the function of the pineal gland for the same reasons as the above reasons.

Read something spiritual or religious. This will help you relax. Do not read anything like a mystery novel or tension, as this may have the opposite effect. Also, if you like a tense book, you may accidentally start reading hours for hours instead of falling asleep.

Pay a debt Make a plan to pay your weight. It is difficult to sleep when we care about how we pay. Designing and implementing a plan of attack will strengthen you and now you will have a chance to make things easier, and now you have plans to work.

Avoid people or situations that are toxic and negative. If you are constantly bombarded with stressful people or situations, find a way out. Discuss your situation with them and let them know how you feel, so you can try to improve the situation, or you may even have to remove it from your circle for a short period of time.

Use Breathing Techniques Breathing exercises like EFT help us redirect our thoughts and help advance our parasympathetic nervous system. This will help you relax and regain control of your mind.

I Can't Sleep

Reexpress thoughts in a positive way

ALL THOUGHTS WHAT HAPPENS under your control Negative thinking leads to more stress. Most negative thoughts are about things you can not control, so why do not you check out this idea? Write down a list of all the negative thoughts you have in mind. Now, enjoy the time and reexpress these thoughts in a positive way. Something like, “Why should I try to do this?” “Hmm, I just screwed up.” I’ll be better. ”

Write a diary or spiral notebook next to your bed for the summer magazine. When you find yourself in the mind, hitting a mind, write it down. No matter what. It can be as easy as buying milk at the store tomorrow or it can be as difficult as realizing that you feel stressed and desperate. The act of writing things that eliminate them flows constantly in your mind.

There are many ways to deal with stress and bring your body, mind, and soul back to balance. Because stress is a major factor in many of the health problems that are troubling people today, the steps we take to learn how to manage the traps that lead us to the spiral of the night will allow us to take the steps to leave. Not only that, managing stress can help your mental health. Being a positive thinker has an impact on our health because our bodies actually respond to our senses at the cellular level.

There are many pills to help relieve stress and/or sleep. Some are dangerous or addictive. Find out if you need to use dangerous medications to make sure you use one of the above techniques in a way that works for you and sleeps well.

So basically provide the necessary tools for stress so that you can get the rest you need.

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