The simple things that help me keep my balance

The Simple Things That Help Me Keep My Balance

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The simple things that help me keep my balance – Good Friday! We are nothing for the weekend now. I’m writing to you happily after thinking for a moment about my favorite place. We make a misunderstanding when we talk about taking care of ourselves.

In fact, everything on this topic is very broad, ranging from exercise to good food, to healthy living, to give you some examples. I think that by giving priority to this, we can sometimes forget how important it is to take care of our essence and our mental balance.

I have read a lot on this topic lately and, while I was learning, I thought about sharing some of the texts that really impressed me. A Hindu belief defends the fact that each of us is a four-room house; a physical, an emotional, a mental and a spiritual; but most of us usually live in one of these rooms.

Personally, I think we all went through those rooms that day, but somebody always spends most of our time. Do not you think? In which of these rooms do you spend most of your time? It is important that you go into your four rooms every day of your life if only to ventilate them.

I can tell you that reaching this stability is not as difficult as it seems; The first step is to have a routine and by that, I do not mean a boring life, on the contrary! These simple things that help me keep my balance

I am looking for activities that fill me with energy

Exercise, a good night’s sleep and moments of mindfulness (relaxation) are the key to a happy and renewed feeling. That’s why I always try to thank myself for everything before starting my daily activities.

I really appreciate that and I like to read and write; for me, it’s the best way to start the day. It’s also very easy for me to sleep for eight hours and I like to go to bed early.

Choosing what we will spend time, concentration and energy on must be our primary mission every day.

Talk to people I love

Several times a day haha. I always talk to my parents and brothers, I usually try to keep in touch with my friends. Without contact with others, without their love and support, it could not be so happy and fulfilling!

I have a pending list

I literally have different lists of everything I want to do in a week or anything that I intend to do during the day. I always try that there are many activities on my list that help me keep my balance, without putting my responsibilities aside. Everything helps us grow!

I remember things that make me strong

When life gives me difficult tests, I try to remember everything I believe in, everything I trust, everything I know and has studied in my life. That’s what helps me overcome a bad day and deal with adversity. I try to take care of my thoughts because they are able to attract anything, because they are energy that comes to the universe and because they can come out. I usually want to be in tune with my thoughts, feelings, and actions; because they help me keep my balance.

I thank the life

I always try to be nice to everyone around me and see the positive side of things (I learn to keep my mind under control). What gives me the most satisfaction is to improve someone’s day and give them pleasure.

When we learn that each day is and will be different and that it always brings something new and extraordinary to us, we will begin to create everything we dream of …

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