Save your marriage by doing these 4 things before sleeping

Save Your marriage by Doing These 4 Things Before Sleeping

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Save Your marriage by Doing These 4 Things Before Sleeping – There is nothing worse than feeling alone in the company of the person you love. Returning to the moment when they wanted to together seem impossible when routine, children and responsibilities have taken control of your relationship. But this routine before going to sleep will change your married life.

What happens to us?

Innumerable studies have been conducted on the intimacy between couples and how routine grasps the passion that was once the flame that has maintained the love between the two. With time and coexistence, things start to change dramatically and the passion that prevailed before bedtime is replaced by a laptop or phone in which we check our mail before closing our eyes.

In this way, the days become weeks and the weeks become months. Before you know it, your life is very different from that of your husband and the only thing that will unite them at night will be the roof they share.

The good news is that it’s never too late to start or change. Write down these 4 tips every day and you will see how the connection between the two begins to revive at the beginning, and this time without the possibility of disappearing, and the most important thing is it will Save Your marriage

1. You have everything you need to go to bed at the same time

It sounds silly, but it’s not. Sometimes, if the solution is so simple, we think it will not change anything, but it certainly is not the case.

When you get married, you do not see the hours you go to bed. When time passes, bedtime loses its magic. If you continue to watch TV until late and have already gone to bed or vice versa, there is no connection. Having the habit of going to bed together is the first step to get where you want to go.

2. Get rid of electronics (all) and start these conversations thoroughly in advance

Use the first minutes after bedtime to talk about your days, but deeper. Tell him your fears and your plans, the things you thought and give him the chance to do the same. Listen to him while he speaks and takes the opportunity to hug him. With the electronics out and distracted, take the time to talk about yourself, do not waste those moments in gossip or in the photos of your friends on Facebook, what you can do during the day or during the dishes.

Save your marriage by doing these 4 things before sleeping

4. Prepare it during the day to enjoy the night

The habit of knowing that some nights there will be intimacy or that it will do it and that you will know what to do is not good. Use SMS during the day, leave a hidden note among the elements that lead to work. Let him know that you love him, after all, nothing is more effective to make a man mad than to let him know he’s always driving you crazy.

4. Find other ways to pet him and without exception never fall asleep without kissing him in the mouth

Kissing in the mouth is the first physical connection we have with the opposite sex when we have just started a relationship and I think we all agree that they are the best in the world. The kiss is the most important part of a relationship, more than intimacy, it is not for nothing that we are the only species to kiss in the mouth. Make this pillow a part of your routine before you sleep.

Take the opportunity to find new hugs and return to animals you probably do not use, such as holding your hand while talking in bed before turning off the light and falling asleep. These are fun things to Save Your marriage

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