Who is happier: who lives alone or in a relationship?

Who is happier: who lives alone or in a relationship?

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Who is happier: who lives alone or in a relationship? – The saying “better is so poorly supervised”, we do not usually put it into practice, and the test concerns all people who live in couples, who are not happy, but do not dare to make changes afraid to be left only. So who is happier, living alone or in a relationship?

The irony of this question is that the partner often longs for loneliness and that the one who is alone thinks it would be better for him to have a partner with whom to share his life.

This is the key we have to appreciate what surrounds us, we have to satisfied with what we have. This is the key

The Pattern that makes you unhappy in both situations:
  1. The one who has a partner but who is not happy is because he does not know how to give himself what he wants, he lives for and for the other and forgets his dreams and his needs. And this happens because he believes that if he does not take care of the other if he does not sacrifice his desires for the good of the couple, the other will not love him and will leave.
  2. On the other hand, one who is alone and not happy is because he still does not give himself what he needs, thinks that another person would give it and would waste his life while waiting for him. In other words, he looks outside what he thinks he does not have inside.

Who is happier: who lives alone or in a relationship?

The interesting thing is not whether it’s better to live alone or as a couple but to understand why we always think that the good goes on the other side.

That’s why my best advice is to learn from where you are without waiting for your status to change to become happy.

In other words, if you have a partner, evaluate the situation and see how he applies the law of the mirror to discover your shortcomings.

And when you are alone, enjoy your solitude, start doing things for yourself, learn with the mirror and apply it to what worries you about your loneliness or the people around you (friends, family, colleagues, etc.). etc.) loneliness always give Opportunities

As you can see in both situations, you have the opportunity to learn something more, get to know yourself and love yourself.

So to make conclusions who is happier: who lives alone or in a relationship is not difficult happiness in your hands, no matter you live alone or in a relationship



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