The Moment of Feeling Lucky has Come (Part 2)

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The Moment of Feeling Lucky has Come (Part 2)continued from The Moment of Feeling Lucky has Come Part 1

Enjoy your home

nothing is comparable to the house, in your nest, you rest, you relax, we are ourselves, it is not only a roof under which you store objects, but it’s a place.

Before betting, sharing, creating a family or your own environment, it must be a specific site
be sure to clean it as you can with your image. You can use the Chinese Feng Shui philosophy in decoration, how you arrange the objects, the colors to give your home a balance and serenity adecauda. There is no more room in the world for you than your home.

Learn something new

Retrain, take classes, start a new career, etc., keep the mind active, prevent illness and enrich yourself personally, socially and professionally, our brain is a muscle that you must train. Do you already know everything? ? Have you studied enough? Big mistake, the best thing that can happen to you is to realize that there is nothing better than to learn all the life.


The laughter oxygenates the soul, you move a lot of muscles, the heart pumps at its best rhythm, generates endorphins, reinforces the confidence and if it is shared in couple or in group, the group is consolidated, the laughing is a symbol of emotional balance, knowing how to put things in perspective, you have not laughed today ?, made a video, told anecdotes, so you can laugh.


Good food

Nothing simpler and healthier than the Mediterranean diet: vegetables, legumes, meat, fish, fruits and our olive oil, put your hands in the dough, think, cook, play, thank you and in enjoy, taste them, eat slowly, do not deprive your body, treat yourself at least once a week, chocolate, nuts, a good wine … all in its good size.

We are what we eat and it is transmitted to our face, our body, our mouth, you still do not know what you will taste today? mmm …

Giving, offering, giving service to someone

Giving is receiving, what you share, what you do in good faith is coupled with well-being, recognition, self-confidence and you do not need to be money, take this principle as a way to: life, it gives you happiness, you feel united and connected to the world and others, you feel generous and that translates into a physical and mental well-being, this can be a little something minimal for you, but very important for who receives it Be empathetic, put yourself in the shoes of the other, we are in a moment where if we continue with our individualism, we will not get anywhere, cooperation can save us.

Establish a quality relationship

With your partner, your family, your friends, this translates into a particularity for someone who is not an option, we are unique, but it gives us the feeling that we are unique and special for that particular person, healthy relationships are those where you can be yourself, where you have the opportunity to share, grow, where you feel together, where there are agreement and understanding, what kind of relationship is the largest company you can create, so you must adopt operating rules where everyone is happy and complete, keeps them updated or updates them if their members change.

Think of the good times

And relive them! they’re free and it’s like seeing in a movie all the good things that have happened to you so far in life, watching photos, videos, sharing them, generating endorphins and reconnecting them, recreating you with this task , with all goes well and all the happiness has lived, to be aware of your happiness, you can stay, realize it, is very important.

We could continue to expose things, details, that we do not know without giving them the importance they deserve, because now we are falling behind with these 14 issues. How did you feel when you read and identified them? What value did you put on each of them? and how do you feel? … I leave you because I want to enjoy every minute, every second of these days … whatever we say, WE KNOW TIME IS JUST HAPPY. DO NOT YOU BELIEVE?

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