The Moment of Feeling Lucky has Come (Part 1)

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The Moment of Feeling Lucky has Come (Part 1) – What would our life look like if each of our values ​​was valued? And if, like children, we loved things that we almost forget without realizing it? What would change our way of life if we value each of the things that give us happiness?

We would be the richest beings on the planet, our positive attitude would engulf our daily lives and nothing could happen to us badly, so that we live as some wish, but who owns your life?

Who decides how good you can be or be happy? … you! Dare to see things differently, a better life, positive, confident, worthy of everything in your daily life, trying not to take it into account because “some” are not interested. You have the possibility to calculate all your emotional capital and to realize that you are a millionaire and that you do not know it.

Let’s start today, will we be aware of everything this weekend, can we start creating and staying in our daily lives and what percentage of happiness does it give us to start? , I assure you that when we start listing things, we will have to stop because we would miss the blog …

Enjoy reading and diving under the books

There is nothing more fun than finding the time to sit in your favorite chair and open a good book, feel the same and to immerse yourself in another world, in stories in which you can be the protagonist or the viewer, with a book, you feed your culture, your imagination, you learn, you travel, and the best thing to do is that it gives you space and time just for you. Do not waste a minute.


Have a hobby

Work, home, family, meals … in a word, look for a way to grow, something you do because you really love it and love having a hobby to which you spend a little time. helps you to get out of the routine, to develop other parts of your personality, to express yourself, not to designate others if they do not satisfy you, to look at yours, what you always wanted to do and before time, laziness, you do not do that. The time has come.

Live and play with your pet

His care and affection prolong your life, enjoy your pet is the best preventive medicine, the best therapies, discover this link and benefit from it, moreover, I will not answer better than the faithful, loving, fun. Invest time in the game, the walk, your hygiene, you invest in your best friend.

In the field

Spring has arrived, you waste time and endless experiences if you have not yet escaped to the outdoors, nature loads your batteries, regenerates you from the outside and the inside, puts you in contact with the earth, the fresh air, the animals, there is no better way to release stress than to let all your senses come into contact with beautiful smells, colors, and landscapes.

You can also make different projects, in this type of environment, a good kitchen with family and friends to a good walk or a hiking trail, Mother Nature has a lot to offer us!

Sexually active

Having sex is 100% health, it provides personal, relationship and social well-being promotes communication and improves self-esteem. In addition, it increases the levels of dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin in the brain, making it a natural painkiller. , improves mood, relaxes blood vessels, improves blood circulation, oxygenates the skin, makes you beautiful or beautiful and strengthens the … no need to say no? …

Go see beautiful things

A good movie, a ballet, a play, a city, a museum, serves to escape, to know worlds and alternative things, you discover that everything is possible, just to look and do what you really see, to appreciate and to internalize, there are so many beautiful things in the world, everything that is close to you.

Do your job well

it’s a matter of responsibility and dedication, professionalism and pleasure in what you do, all this gives you a good level of security and skill, if you like what you do and love the work you do. is broadcast, who receives it and realizes that you are grateful, you will get external recognition, which will help you develop your work, increase your professional relations, your fellowship, the recognition will be a source of motivation

nutrition and nutrition in our work. spend many hours, enjoy the work of others and yourself, feel comfortable and make the most of yourself. Is there anyone who does not like it?



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