The dark motivation that leads to revenge

The Dark Motivation that Leads to Revenge

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The dark motivation that leads to revenge – Previous research has suggested that people can have fun if they can take revenge on someone who harasses them. However, scientists have found that the brain reward circuit is also active when aggression targets ”innocent“ people who are not involved in this violation. So it seems that “justice” is not the only reason to trigger revenge.

An article recently published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology reveals what a true motivation for revenge might be. The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Kentucky, David Chester, and Nathan DeWall, concluded that aggression was used only as a tool to feel better.

To achieve this result, the researchers analyzed the responses of 156 participants after suffering from ın social harassment ın, as explained in a statement by the British Psychological Association.

To achieve this effect, the researchers ask all participants to write articles on personal problems and then to comment on others’ articles. However, the researchers wrote false answers that completely designed to disturb them. they were full of painful comments such as kendileri this is the worst trial I have ever read in my life Bun.

The dark motivation that leads to revenge

Voodoo and Revenge

Then Chester and De Wall measure the condition of the wounded. Chester and De Wall They pierced them with a symbolic voodoo doll to measure their anger levels. They point out that special puncture-based treatment makes the wounded feel better.

But researchers want to know what motivation is for this behavior. Is that justice or something? By using pills that act as a placebo, they insulted some participants, saying they would make it difficult for them to experience the mood swings.

In tests where injured people can punish loud noise, scientists noted that only those who did not use placebo took revenge. In other words, only those who think that they can improve their mood take their revenge.

According to Chester and De Wall, there will be direct consequences: “People can use their provocation in their daily lives to achieve the positive effects of aggression”.

So that’s why anger is a toxic way to save itself. And the reason for replacing it with another technique

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