Reasons why you should not get married

Reasons Why You Should Not Get Married

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Reasons Why You Should Not Get Married – I only have two months left to marry the most incredible man I’ve shared within the last seven years, and here I explain why you should not get married.

This happens mainly with marriage. Nobody should dictate that more than you because it’s your life.

As I said at the beginning, I only have two months left to marry the woman, I’m sure I’ll take the rest of my life and the one I love and for that and more.

I want to share with you why you should not get married:
  • Marriage is an act in which you must be willing to put your ego aside.
  • Marriage is an act that you must resolve every day.
  • Casarte is a commitment to make things work.
  • Getting married is an act where you know that what you are living makes you feel good and makes you better.
  • Casarte is a place where you are, without fear, without doubts, without regrets.
  • Marriage is delivery without waiting for change.
  • Casarte is synonymous with communication and trust.
  • Marriage is the place where love is the only and the most important because all actions are born from this moment.

If you are not sure, if you do not want to, if you are not satisfied, if you are always looking for more things … do not get married. Casarte is NOT what follows and it’s NOT a game.

Casarte is both together and for both, there is neither one more nor one less. They are two accompanied in a certain way, respecting their spaces.

Reasons why you should not get married

If you do not have that in your relationship, do not get married.

If you are sure that this person will make you better, succeed a lot together and live on the basis of principles and values, then you are ready to get married. It is not because you are old enough or because society dictates it indirectly.

Do not be afraid, you will not be alone and you will find someone who loves you.

Let’s open our perspective and understand that what we think, believe and she will not always be absolute. Perspectives, realities, and opinions are endless. Learn to respect, not to impose and to achieve.

The way you have to do in a relationship :

  • First, Learn to grow personally and internally,
  • Second, give without expecting anything in return,
  • Third, then you can focus on the life of a relationship with the person of your choice until both

Everybody really needs to know if marriage is worth it. Wrong choices and reasons always lead to wrong marital destinations. Since marriage is an endless institution, it makes a lot of sense to know why one must not enter into it carelessly. People marry out of lust, sympathy, manipulation, pressure and so many other reasons that point them out of the relationship they might have found themselves in. Caution is very imperative in matters like this which can either prolong a man’s life or lead to an early grave.

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