Keep Romance in Your Marriage

Keep Romance in Your Marriage

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Keep Romance in Your Marriage – A few years ago, I heard a comment about marriage saying that believers had the responsibility and the duty to maintain their marriage, regardless of the state of their marital relationship.

Although this statement has something true in the sense of conjugal union, it is neither the ideal nor the purpose for which God created marriage. God does not just believe that marriage should be tolerated. In Scripture, we see that

God created marriage as an answer to the human need for a relationship. And Jehovah God says, It is not good for man to be alone; I will give him appropriate help. (Genesis 2:18, KJV 1960). He also states that we better reflect his image when we live in a relationship, especially when that relationship is characterized by love. This is seen in the relationship between the people of the Trinity, eternally united in love.

Let us consider some ideas about love or romance. My intention is that every marriage seeks a loving relationship and is challenged to create a relationship in which the relationship is one of the most powerful reasons it maintains.

First, let’s define the word romance. When I use the word “romance”, I mean “the natural expression of affection, sensuality, and attention to my husband”. The expression of love begins when they are conquered and begin their relationship, and then continue to cultivate and assert their romance until they get married.

Marriage, however, is not the goal of romance, but romance must lead them to continue to unite their lives and strengthen marital relationships. Proverbs 5: 15-20 encourages couples to maintain romance in marriage. The romance at home must be confirmed and confirmed daily in the conjugal relationship.

Keep Romance in Your Marriage

How to maintain a romantic relationship in marriage?

To understand romance, we need to understand what conjugal love is. What is conjugal love? “It’s the personal decision and the constant attitude of wanting the well-being of the loved one”. (Rom 5: 8) But God shows his love for us in this: that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

This love is not influenced by the “faults”, “differences” and mistakes of the spouse. He just loves unconditionally. True love can come from the physical attraction or normal relationship of everyday life, through which you have done things for and for each other and you do things for and for the other.

By loving the person, you will continue to focus on the well-being of the other, you will always be willing to sacrifice your good, your comfort or your personal desires for the well-being of the other.

This is what Scripture says: God has manifested His love among us: by sending His only begotten Son into the world so that we may live with Him. (10) What we give or do for the beloved is what helps us maintain romance in the marital relationship.

What do we give or do we do?

We give our lives, we share our dreams, our desires, our fears, we give words of affection, attention, time, sacrifice, caresses, sex, we think of each other before us. The one who loves always gives the best to his loved one.

Can you lose marital love? Or romance? The answer is yes. The easiest way to understand this is perhaps to use the illustration of the bank.

If you want to use your credit card and withdraw money, you must first deposit your money in the bank. If you have not deposited, your account is empty and you can not receive anything.

Practical ideas on how to keep romance in the conjugal relationship.

You must let your partner know that you love him and that you are deliberately trying to express your love. Ideas for man:

– Take some flowers. “A special flower or a special bouquet”.

– Give him words of love every day. For example: “I love you, you are very special …”

– Give him a personal decoration.

– Buy a favorite perfume. Do you know what is your wife’s favorite perfume?

– Give him caresses at all times. Physical contact is essential.

– Do not forget your birthday, birthday, other special dates.

– Rent it to a house or clean the house.

– Show him that you appreciate his work, his talents, his personal attention or something else

The other thing that shows that you pay attention to him.

– Have fun with her, enjoy being with your wife, plan special moments together,

– Go out for dinner or walk, in short, what you know that you like and that makes you happy by your side. You can add others to this list.

Ideas for the woman

– Pay attention to your personal needs.

– Prepare the meals he likes.

– Make sure your husband has an approachable attitude when looking for you intimately.

– Share it if he interest in a sport or other pleasure.

– Make surprise gifts from time to time depending on your budget.

– Always show affectionate and careful.

– Buy him a special gift for his birthday.

– confirms his own esteem.

– Take care of your physical appearance, it’s very important to him.

– Rent your personal performance, send motivational messages at any time.

Finally, keep the imagination alive in your marital relationship

“Variation gives taste to life”. Your relationship cannot nested Monotony if you add a variation to your compliments, to your signs of affection … to your meals, your conversations, your walks, your outings together, your sex life and your physical appearance. Keep Romance in Your Marriage

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