Healing a Broken Heart

Healing a Broken Heart

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Healing a Broken Heart – Everyone had to heal a broken heart at some point in their lives. After all, a fracture is a temporary injury in the “I”, a fracture printed at some point in our life cycle, but that should not determine our future. Blows like that, like broken bones, heal, but yes, we have to heal ourselves in the best possible way.

This experience of losing something important can also happen in many situations and not just in romantic relationships. Some may have fallen in love with someone who did not respond, others have seen that this link would inevitably disappear and even why not, we can also break our hearts to lose a very dear friend.

As curious as we are, there are people who take this wound for a long time. They make him silent for them. Some people say “no” to falling in love, because nothing justifies a new relationship behind this lost love. This behavior and other types of behavior undoubtedly indicate that we do not want (or do not know) to heal a broken heart.

So, no matter how much you go through these bad experiences, you can always start all over again. However, we must be willing to do the right thing and take the necessary steps. When we bond and make sorrow our best friend, life lowers the curtains and everything loses its momentum, its color, its hope.

You have to work through these boring and sick emotions, you have to change focus, correct thoughts, improve self-esteem to heal a broken heart. It is a delicate task but one that always gives good results.
I will never find anyone the same

Healing a Broken Heart

You can find someone who looks like what you want

This kind of thinking is universal and totally wrong. If you have met lovers who have lost what they wanted or who lived in their own body, you will see that this sentence is more than recurrent: “I will never find anyone like me”.

Logically, where there is love, it is the belief that this person is unique in the world, that you will never look like anyone. It is a mistake. Over time, by eliminating emotions and meeting new people, you will realize that there are many types of people of all kinds and that you can find someone who looks like what you want.

No pause, disappointment, rejection or loss should put an end to our emotional hope. No one deserves to be a slave to certain circumstances. In addition, the adoption of these stagnant mentalities leads to frustration and rigid thinking. Let us understand that life is a change, a movement, that it learns to take care of what we love, but also to abandon what can no longer be to allow other winds.

How to heal a broken heart according to science

The emotional pain caused by a broken heart is unbearable. We remain just as immobilized, blocked and unable to think of anything but the beloved. As curious as we are, science makes it clear: you do not have to listen to the ghost to deal with a break.

  • We know that this suggestion is almost impossible to achieve. However, when we go through a trance of this caliber, we must be aware that the mind and its thoughts can be our worst enemy, and this for a very specific reason.
  • Lucy Brown, a neuroscientist at the Einstein School of Medicine in New York, explains in many of her studies and articles that when we face a fracture, a loss or a rejection, the brain works with other more primitive neural systems. In fact, they look a lot like those who make us hungry or thirsty.
  • That is why it is very difficult to “turn off” this need, this printed and compulsive pain in our brain. That’s why the mind feeds on this pain and reminds us of scenes, moments, words …

Now, you can all ease that pain, and Healing a Broken Heart  ; suffering that the brain interprets as real and compares to the burn. These tips help heal a broken heart.

Heal the concept of oneself

We know that love promotes our growth, develops and enriches us. This is why a break mainly involves a blow directly to our self-image. We can make the mistake of blaming ourselves, projecting our disappointment or seeing ourselves as empty entities without this person next to us.

The emotional consequences of these realities are undoubtedly enormous. In fact, as explained in a study by Professor David A. Sbarra of the Department of Psychology at the University of Arizona, it is normal for our self-esteem to be deflated and for emotions such as sadness and anger to linger for weeks and months.

So we have to heal r our identity and our self-image. We must rebuild our own selves and focus all our efforts on ourselves.

No contact

It is important to take the added decision of other problems that are detrimental to your health.


The smartest way to heal a broken heart is to overcome emotional pain. Take care of yourself, accept, open new doors and let the pain wane over the days.

Those who are able to resiliently heal a broken heart and accept this negative situation have also acquired tools and learning resources that contribute to their personal development and emotional empowerment.


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