Give love a new chance, your heart deserves

Give love a New Chance, Your Heart Deserves

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Give love a new chance, your heart deserves – Everyone’s love is bad, but if you break your heart sometimes, at least you can stop believing in love. But do not lose the illusion, do not hold back: even if you cut your heart a thousand times, keep giving it another chance. Your heart deserves it, and even if love is late, it will work one day if you want to give it another chance.

We have all at heart.

Lifestyle can be difficult. Today you look in the mirror and see wounds everywhere: deep and superficial wounds, some with bleeding, others not ill, memories. Close your eyes and possibly new opportunities: why did you start over? Bitter? To get us out of here?

It blocks your soul and you stop dreaming and say to yourself: in Loneliness is better than other experiences that hurt me Ruh. But you know there is a wrong desire in your deepest steps.

Loneliness does not protect you, leaving you out of life only saves you from suffering, but the silence of your senses makes every night alone, dark and cold. What do you want now What do you want to feel Love? Yes … But as if the world were full of people who are hunters, liars, playing with their emotions and making fun of you, you betray their confidence and make you unhappy.

Give love a new chance, your heart deserves

You already know the heart.

But is this true? It’s always like that? Does this happen in any case? Of course, one or two, three or twenty bad experiences do not mean that your destiny is solitary. Rebuild your faith, prepare yourself with various possibilities and give yourself a chance.

And the sun is rising? If it’s hot now, and your heart is embracing? What if time is loved and respected? What if it’s hidden because you kept it hidden? Give love a new chance, your heart deserves

The past must be repeated, a new direction for you. If you start a new relationship with yesterday’s experience when you open your eyes, your relationship will be strong if you suggest a new way of limiting it to love. What you want is in your hands, waking up with life, opening your eyes and finding a face of love on each face; There is something we need to learn behind all the confusion.

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