Eleven tips to find out if your partner is unfaithful

Eleven Tips to Find Out if Your Partner is Unfaithful

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Eleven tips to find out if your partner is unfaithful – When our partner begins to change their attitude without finding an explanation, we reflect on possible infidelity. How to be safe?

When we are two to two and we see the other person starting to change their attitude without finding an explanation, many people start to feel – or imagine, to be careful – that they are unfaithful.

We probably do not know the reasons for this infidelity, maybe we do not even want to know them, but as a sign that they are deceiving us, we do not want to be fooled.

Forgive or no infidelity depends on everyone. But is it so easy to hide infidelity? Psychotherapist Abby Rodman gives the Huffington Post partner some small attitudes that can help you find out if you are cheating.

1.Have new habits too punctual

If you notice that your partner is doing new things, like a phone call or seeing if he has received a message, every day at the same time and without saying anything about the person he is talking to …

Could it be that he adapts to someone else’s program? If you do it too quickly not to catch your attention (although playing hide-and-seek can be more chaotic), nothing good happens.

2.New jargon and unknown expressions

Unless you have new friends, change jobs, or get tired of listening to a famous person who says your partner starts using phrases and words that have never been said before, it can be a problem. the sign that they “hold” someone to know it (and of course you did not speak it).

As Dr. Rodman says, “If you spend enough time with your loved one, you will eventually understand some of your expressions.”

3.Changes in your routine

If you suddenly have new hobbies that you do not want to go to, you start regularly on a Monday or Tuesday, before doing it only on weekends (and you’ve never been invited or disguised), you may have new interests that do not want you to know …

Rodman insists that it is possible that there is unfaithfulness “if you have to take a shower as soon as you enter through the main door”. Watch out for new rituals of beauty and undifferentiated care.

4. Watch for a few minutes

For example, if you drove together everywhere before and drove alone, that’s what you want most or an apology for not accompanying him to such a message that he must “do” because “he does not want you to bother”.

Suddenly, he decides to do only the tasks you have done together without any problem and it gives you the feeling that he wants to get rid of you. It looks like someone is starting to overwhelm his plans and you have all the ballots.

5. He behaves as if he had returned to 20 years

Relatively radical changes in the way you dress, with a sudden interest in the trendy music band, the current festival or the most downloaded video game on social networks. Come on, it suddenly seems like it was a few years younger.

Rodman explains that “having an adventure can make people feel young and impulsive again and have different behaviors”.

Eleven tips to find out if your partner is unfaithful

6.Gives you lingerie or sex toys

Suddenly, your partner sees you in bed because he wants you to feel as good as she does. As the doctor explains, her unfaithfulness “gave her life back to her libido and, ironically, she wants you to do the same for you”. Therefore, propose new functions or be more active. Your partner will feel “sorry” because you are not living the same things and will try to compensate.

7.Sudden jealousy

If you have always been a friendly person and your partner suddenly sees your smile and your compliments with strangers (waiters, neighbors or close friends) as an attempt to flirt left and right, you can see yourself. While she has an affair, she begins to understand that “it’s not so ridiculous that you can have it” and develops unfounded jealousy.

8. He becomes defensive

If it turns out that an ordinary friend tells you that he is cheating, the situation will be defensive with the problem, regardless of the act of infidelity with the classics “it was not a happy marriage”, “these things happen, “I saw happen “…

“To condemn others is to condemn oneself,” says Rodman. Your partner will prevent this critical of him falling in the future.

9. It’s a lot of nerves (unjustified)

Some people experience atypical episodes of depression and anxiety after feeling guilty of being cheated on by their partner.

Beware this situation sign that your partner may be stressed because he is hiding something :

  • strange behavior also insomnia
  • interested in eating because of a sad atmosphere
10. Has new interests

Be careful if your partner starts talking to you about topics that previously did not interest him at all and did not explain very well where such interest or information came from.

Maybe he learns to please the other, or even all he knows. Of course, I should not repeat with you if you learned the “lesson” or not.

11. It remains empty

When you find yourself in a clutter of lies and deception, “His brain is fried with the details of the lies and excuses he has told you and done,” says Rodman.

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