Reflection As Understanding

Reflection As Understanding

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Reflection As Understanding – “Life can only be understood in the opposite direction, but it must be lived forward.” – Søren Kierkegaard, 1843

The reflection that is poorly understood or not recognized in today’s society is of considerable value. This is clear here in the United States because of the way we treat each other, do not we? Well, I remind you that the great poet Antoine de Saint-Exupery said: “Life is born slowly”.

This ideology, of which we are all essentially students, we learn constantly until our death, does not fit well with the society we know here in the United States.

Entering into an exercise or reflexive habit can be very helpful if students (all of us) can give relevance and meaning to a lesson, link teaching experiences to real-world situations, and enable real growth. interpersonal. Experiential education, the art of making relevant experiences for yourself and others, helps to open the minds of students, to give ideas and to create many avenues for future learning.

For others outside the cycle of education through experience, there is virtually no reflection. Experiential education encourages peer review; called “behavioral affirmations”, reflection on the behavior of peers and can be positive or negative.

Reflection As Understanding

The emphasis on thinking

Positive and negative affirmations of behavior give students feedback from people they spend time with; Professional and personal Consider this as an unmanned aircraft hovering over you and showing you exactly how you behave and if you act … well, as long as the company is up to it.

Through these comments, students can reflect on how they can implement specific changes in their lives that lead to growth and goal achievement. In my opinion, the difference between successful relationships and stagnant relationships is the emphasis on thinking. I have experienced this many times in personal and professional relationships in my life.

Think about my story.

With the lack of understanding of thinking. In June 2014, I left the active service of the US Marine Corps.

I try to find answers to all the troubles in my heart. It took me 34 months before she taught me this “repair format”, as I like to call it.

It is important to know how powerful the comments can be. When you make comments, you have to be sincere and try to be objective in your criticism.

Conclusion Reflection As Understanding

In short, a person can assume that she is sending useful and innocent comments to other colleagues.

In reality, the words and phrases she has chosen have ultimately offended and closed the other person. No matter how much we try to hide it, people are sentient creatures, so it’s important to keep positive and negative comments in balance. Reflection, silence, and meditation always bring me to a place where I have confidence in myself and the ability to take care of others to a large extent.


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