Hug Your Loved Ones... Leave Everyone Else Alone!

Hug Your Loved Ones… Leave Everyone Else Alone!

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Hug Your Loved Ones… Leave Everyone Else Alone! – By taking into account all the stories of inappropriate or unwanted contact, it may be time to re-evaluate the way we treat our personal space. I grew up in the sixties and seventies when greetings go no further than a handshake. A firm handshake for the boys and a gentle handshake for the girls. Cuddles and kisses were reserved for family members who encouraged them or the people with whom they went. However, boys will be boys and girls will be unpredictable.

The lessons of my childhood

Most of the children I grew up with behaved in public. Not kissing, holding hands, or having inappropriate physical contact at school helped the students to indulge in behavior that conformed to the standards of the community of the day. However, it was difficult for boys and girls to resist the urges of puberty. To make matters worse, many of us imitate what we saw on television.

All the children in my neighborhood grew up together. It was very suburban, although it was only a twenty-minute drive from New York. It’s not typical of most suburbs, we had shops, restaurants, a bowling center and more than a block from our home on Long Island. I was often asked to accompany my friend Jayne or some of the other girls who lived on the street at the store.

Jayne and I were good friends and she lived right in front of me. None of us had brothers or sisters. We did everything to spend time together. His father was egocentric and distant. Her mother took care of it by visiting other women during the day and drinking at night. She was a good mother, but Jayne often felt alone. During these hours, day and night, she came to my home.

At the age of 11, puberty began to be felt. It was during this summer that I started to look at things in a different way. Jayne was attractive with her brown hair, pale skin, and freckles. In the summer, she visited me regularly at our pool in the garden. She also had a pool, but her mother sat outside and nagged her and her friends when they used her.

Jayne was very conscious of her body. She had a lot of freckles on her face and everywhere. He often tried to hide them with long-sleeved blouses and a high cut. When she came to my home for the first time this summer in the pool, Jayne was involved in a beach team. She was standing on the wooden deck that was attached to our pool and took it out of the package. His two-piece swimsuit revealed that his body was changing and filling up.

She went down the stairs to the pool from the deck. I held her by the arm and supported her as I always did. This time was different. I was very attracted to her. We splash, play water volleyball and we talk to each other. We enjoyed chatting, I invited Jayne to dinner. She went to her home to change her clothes and ask for permission. She returned shortly after drying her swimsuit. We were planning to go back to the pool that night.

My parents liked Jayne. She was not fierce or disobedient. We had that in common. After dinner, we went to a large room where I had a portable television, a stereo, records, furniture, and other things. We listened to the records for a while and we danced together, then sat on a couch watching television. A movie of growing up was in progress. They were children a little older than us who had tried the water of romance.

Jayne and I usually talk about what we see when advertising. Not this time. When we saw that the children were not much older than us, raising their hands to kiss us in a passionate embrace, we were speechless. I could only say “Wow!” while Jayne laughed a little. At that moment, I asked Jayne if she wanted to go to the pool. She did it. I think we both had seen enough of this film.

A week ago, my favorite cousin came for a long weekend and brought her friend Angie. My cousin and Angie were three years older than me. They lived in the city and were happy to leave for a few days. The two girls were exceptionally attractive and wore a provocative two-piece swimsuit. They also liked to make fun of me, especially Angie. She dared to continue the first time we went to the pool. If he caught her, she kissed me on the cheek. Angie lied

When I caught her, she grabbed me by the waist and said to me, “Kiss me first. I have a kiss on the cheek. She was annoyed and said, “Not like that!” Angie started kissing me on the lips. My cousin finally intervened and let her stop. The next morning, I was alone in the pool. Sel Angie

He went out of nowhere and went with me. My cousin slept late.

Angie asked me if I wanted to kiss her? After overcoming the first shock, I did it. This time she did well and asked me if she wanted to kiss me with her? I accepted and we moved to an isolated corner of the pool. It started a long-term secret relationship that lasted a few years. By the time Angie and my cousin returned to town, I was pretty good at it.

Hug Your Loved Ones... Leave Everyone Else Alone!

To date a girl.

It was summer, so he was still out at nine. Together, Jayne and I swam in the pool for a moment before taking the plunge. I asked him if he wanted to kiss as the couple in the movie did? She laughed a little but did not bother or say NO. There is a gray area that brings children into trouble. They assume that no definitive answer will give them carte blanche to do what they want.

Instead of going on, I pulled back and asked Jayne if she wanted me to kiss her cheek. She did it. I kissed her gently on my cheek. To my surprise, she reciprocates me by kissing me on the cheek. We moved from there and after a few minutes, we kissed. It was the right way to handle the situation.

Master your passion and use common sense

Whether you are a boy or a girl, gay or straight, your passion will never follow your common sense. Give your partner an option and do not attack him, kiss him gently. What you feel may not be what they feel. Nobody has the right to use another person just to satisfy his desire. The feelings must be reciprocal so that nobody feels accustomed to it. Going beyond your limits can cause problems later, especially if the other person thinks they should have done more than they expected.

Being part of a romantic responsible means that the other person feels comfortable. It will not happen if they feel trapped. Make sure you find a mutually agreeable place to practice your responsible passion. And there is nothing wrong with asking if the other person is comfortable with his choice of environment. If you do not know if you are emotionally comfortable, or if you are ready to differentiate yourself or move to another level of intimacy, mark things up and suggest postponing the opportunity for the future.

On television or at the movies, we often see people who know each other and who suddenly feel involved in the passion, who behave like rhinos. This is the country to believe. Real people rarely do that. A romantic responsible person NOT ATTACKS, he likes that. Moving slowly, especially if you are trying to cope, can be a very erotic and challenging experience for both parties.

Everyone does not like to be touched, let alone kissed or greeted by someone who moves their hands and fingers in a hurry. The most sensible thing is to make an oral salutation and then ask them to go to the next step if there is one. Otherwise, you run the risk of misinterpreting a hug or a tap. People have long memories. A misstep in his youth can easily lead to a scandal years later. Think before you act, better Hug Your Loved Ones… Leave Everyone Else Alone!

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