Feeling Euphoric

Feeling Euphoric

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Feeling Euphoric – Let’s start with the definition of euphoria before starting to talk about it. Euphoria: characterized by or with intense emotion and happiness. Great, now that we have succeeded, we can get started.

A feeling of intense emotion or happiness, I can often think that I felt euphoric. They say that when you get older, you do not have the same emotion as when you were younger. I totally disagree with that. With every place you visit, every person you know and every experience you live, you should all have the same emotion as the first time.

You see, sometimes the situations that life gives you try to extinguish your senses. It’s your job to keep your senses alive. You can do it by adopting an excellent posture. Feel the intense emotion with everything you do. Thank you to everyone you know and for all you have. Be happy and share your happiness.

Feeling Euphoric

Show them that you care

A simple smile, a hug or a handshake is possible. So, a simple question can be, “How are you?” Do not just say that you care, but show it too. Choose your time wisely. With kids, jobs, hobbies, and sports, it’s very hard to find a moment for yourself. If you have these moments, choose wisely how you choose to spend your time and with whom.

There are two paths, one is the most used and the other has not been discovered yet. You can spend all your time on the most popular people who buy the most popular clothes and talk about the most popular events. Or you can spend time with those who have forgotten, or with those who have no one or those who need it. Once these experiences are lived, you will understand the importance of happiness, love, and gratitude.

Everyone wants and deserves to be happy. Do not let anyone try your luck. Just as you deserve to be happy, do the same for others. If you have the ability to elevate another person’s mind, please do everything you can to do it. Life is fun, you think you are invincible and one day, a resident of your neighborhood dies and leaves you impressed and numb. Realize how precious life is and all that it contains. Greet everyone with the same emotion as the first time they met. Kiss as if it were your last and love and see the good in everyone.

“Live as if you were dying tomorrow, learn as if you were going to live forever.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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