Why People Fear Success

Why People Fear Success

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Why People Fear Success – Nowadays, Your Tube seems to be the ideal place for people looking for glory at night. Many people confuse that they are famous because they are famous. These are two radically different things. But very few of those who decide to go to YouTube seems to have real talent.

Why are talented people not looking for this platform to showcase their talents?

For many people, the reasons vary. Are they full of fear of success?

Have you watched a YouTube video and do you see the thumbs up and down below the video?

Well, some people are really positive and then there are negative nancys. Going outdoors requires thick skin. If you look like me, it’s relatively easy to blow up enemies from a bridge somewhere. Which raises the question: “Where do all these unhealthy personalities come from in society?”

Certain malaise with success and jealousy

Most people who hate the educational products of poor and uneducated parents, of the environment, have grown up in today’s psychological pathological society in which society socially meets the enemies of social tendency.

Before all incompetent parents failed in this generation, a few decades ago, people with attitudes became so toxic to social freaks and, if their behavior could not emerge, he became the subject of therapeutic interventions such as corrective physical attacks.

We often find that they represent the frightening element of two things: a certain malaise with success and jealousy.

To understand why talented people do not want to do as much harm as possible, YouTube is only used as a point of reference.

People are settling in their own skin. Most people accept socially and what they want, and the idea of ​​climbing in front of their peers, colleagues, friends, and family care unconsciously worries and causes internal conflict, what level of anxiety and ambivalence. This prevents them from moving forward.

Different Fear

The fear that a stand-up comedian will meet before or during his performance on stage is very different from finding a person who fears success.

Relatively speaking, both can be synonymous because they can both be afraid of rejection. The comedian’s fears may come from a place where they are disturbed on stage, and Joe Brown fears that his singing skills are not appreciated. In both cases, both parties fear rejection in their own way.

On the other hand, the fear of being a comedian can be interrupted by the fear that Joe can envy the competition and be hated by everyone they meet, including those who do not even know it.

Why People Fear Success

People are not always happy about the success of others, to the point of becoming bad.

As a former model, 5’8 “, I can tell you that women can be extremely uncomfortable. As a high school student, I remembered that one of the principal directors of the school at the time had announced that Althea Laing, a very famous model, was looking for ambitious models and those interested in a modeling career should see her in the designated area.

Of course, it was my thing, so I continued. I remember staying in the designated waiting room where the fashion mogul would appear when my “best friend” came out of nowhere.

Now surprised by the reason I was there, my curiosity led me to organize my research on it. His response was “I am also interested in becoming a model.” The look on my face was something terrible to see.

Yes, at this point you are wondering what the problem is or maybe you have already discovered it. Do you know someone like that? Hence the adage of a long life to follow the rhythm of Jones.

This little dwarf had never shown interest in being a model. She took my chance and saw the moment to give up all her aspirations to become a history teacher.

I called him the little dwarf because this girl was at least 4 feet tall, and no, I’m not going to lie here, it was so low.

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Pursue Your Dreams

For the sake of clarity, there is nothing wrong with the small people, but it seems to wake me up in the morning and decide that my friend, who I have no choice, wants to become a singer, it’s also my call.

There is a lot about my singing and certainly not one of them. I could also tell you about one of my cousins ​​who has spent all her life in nursing because of my interests in this area.

What do I say to people? You are forced to live your life for yourself and to pursue your dreams. Accept the tendency to avoid success in the light of others and their comments,

According to recent studies, the fear of success is a very real condition, which is

Do me a favor, I want you to take a 30-day ritual. Look in the mirror every day of these 30 days and say aloud: “I am worthy and I live success, I will get there”.

If it costs you more than this training period to believe it, that’s good too. The most important thing is that he participates fully in his personal development and that he is committed to doing it every day and staying involved.

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