Forgiveness Brings Love

Forgiveness Brings Love

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Forgiveness Brings Love – My meditative thought for today is to treat others and myself with kindness, love, respect, and compassion. It sounds easy enough, but sometimes, little things can cause an unreasonable response.

Recently, I was put on hold for an unusually long time with an online discussion team assistant. It was the second consecutive day I tried to call their staff, because the day before, they had broken my head after more than an hour of waiting. My computer did not allow me to connect to this program, although I was sure to use the correct password.

My generally tolerant individual went from 0 to 50 in an instant when the person logged in and said he could not help me and he had to wait 24 hours longer because he had tried to connect several times.

I replied that I thought that the previous version of the program that worked better worked better than this new annoying update and that they did NOT help me.

Yes, I used uppercase letters for the word no, as if I was screaming, they listened more and arranged everything magically. Frustrated that they could not help me, I finally hung up and felt a weight in my body.

This gravity came as a message from my higher self, which made me change my way of seeing life. I knew in my heart that I could have approached the problem differently.

Patience is a challenge

Patience has often been a challenge for me, and while my growth has been enormous, I can still rely on old control patterns. I am also aware that there was a stranger to online technology as if it gave me anonymity and permission to be cruel or critical.

In retrospect, I realize that the technician was only doing his job at best and that I criticized them too much.

In addition, the connection problem was still present and I had to face this frustration. The conclusion is, however, that none of these circumstances justifies treating another person cruelly. I was egocentric and cold instead of looking to be kind, loving, respectful and compassionate.

Keep the commitment

When I did not get what I wanted, I forgot my commitment to compassionate compassion for all beings. By the time I forgave myself and the technician that I was human and less than perfect, I discovered relief. Then I agreed with the great truth that we are all on this journey to honor each other and ourselves.

Then I prayed for acceptance and I followed in releasing the result. If I have no attachment to the result, it is much easier to accept the conditions that life gives me.

The next day, I was calmer and more open, I forgave both technicians and myself and I were willing to create a new password. Surprise!

Forgiveness Brings Love

The program worked without problems. I just had to leave aside how the situation would be resolved with happiness smile, happily indoors for not having to face the cyber world for the moment.

Feel flexible enough to be able to teach and start over with a new password and a new version of the software installed on my computer

I send prayers of peace to this technology in half of the world.

I want this quote from Martin Luther King Jr. late. “We must develop and preserve the capacity to forgive, the one who does not have the power to forgive does not have the power to love …” Always remember Forgiveness Brings Love.

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