Embrace the Haters

Embrace the Haters

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Embrace the Haters – Having enemies simply means that you are on the right track to achieving your goals and dreams. When encountering an enemy, try replacing your idea with a “detour” or “performance” sign, but never replace the idea of an enemy with the sign.

Indeed, an enemy reminds the higher realms to continue their journey. Those who hate have the ability to often see your potential for someone else. You will find two types of enemies, but both have the same mentality. The first type, I call it the inferiority complex, full of resentment.

The next difficulty to Embrace the Haters is to face The second type is the superiority complex that you hate. The inferiority complex that the enemy feels consciously threatened by the talents, gifts, and talents of others often makes it a priority to look for weaknesses. Minimizing others with their perverse thoughts, perceptions, and unfounded opinions raises your ego because they lack vision, creativity, and low self-esteem.

On the contrary, the Superiority Complex hates hatred just because of the emotional need to feel superior. Without knowing it, this type of enemy is threatened by other talents, gifts, and abilities. Ironically, the psychology of both types of hate rests on the same characteristics, which are due to a lack of vision, creativity, and self-respect. Those who hate are part of the process of spiritual growth.

Embrace the Haters

Distinguish between well-intentioned friends and enemies

It can be difficult to distinguish between well-intentioned friends and enemies. To do this, it is important to clearly distinguish the intentions of others to identify a friend who hates it.

Often, enemies disguise themselves as friends. One way to distinguish between a friend and an enemy is to investigate his or her social environment.

If you fail to remember support or business cases, you can deal with an enemy or simply with selfish individual support. Have you ever asked a friend or employee to attend all the festive events such as birthdays, graduations, etc., to discover that nothing, not even a smile or a wink?

Do not get me wrong, if you commit yourself to your own correct validation, the others are no longer needed. However, it is important to recognize those who hate to ensure that investments are made for those we trust, that we support and that we both challenge growth and development.

Have you ever given good news to a friend, but do you still notice that this person never has anything good to say in response? You notice that you get a negative answer, or worse, with a silent, uncomfortable and silent look! It is important not to stop your movement prematurely, but again, admit and notice.

Giving positive energy

The next step to Embrace the Haters is when you identify your circle, you can prevent yourself from giving your positive energy to those who will simply leave you discouraged with a feeling of emptiness. Share your vision and enthusiasm with those who vibrate at high frequency.

Often, friends may refuse to tell you the truth because of the fear of hurting your feelings. The need to listen to criticism in order to attract your attention will encourage you to reach your goals.

Since an enemy quickly identifies his weaknesses, we can sometimes make that positive by quickly correcting a black hole or negative feature that we could not see. Anyway, you always get the winner! Then change your perspective and welcome those who hate. No more saying goodbye to Felicia. The new sentence is “Hello Hater”!

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