Dealing With Emotional Triggers

Dealing With Emotional Triggers

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Dealing With Emotional Triggers – I write this article because I realized that when I was going through a difficult season in my life and following the emotional healing process, something and even someone sometimes happened. spiral because it has generated a negative memory or a moment of life that holds strong emotions.

When the time was over, I began to wonder what I could do to not be undermined by the emotional triggers of my life. This has a lot to do with your thought process that works with your emotions.

I healed my soul and it was crucial for this process to manage my thinking and its impact on my life. Most of the time, I’m positive, but a long season of growing pains has caused many injuries in my soul. I made the decision not to see my wounds and a healthy soul that starts by getting rid of the negative thoughts that bombarded me.

To do this, I began to pray and seek God for wisdom and the solution to face the pain in my soul, I have to Deal With Emotional Triggers

Dealing With Emotional Triggers

Below are the solutions that work and will continue to work for me. I am willing to be productive to integrate my day and what I will do for this day.

  1. Pray and keep silence in you to hear the answer
  2. Once the answer has arrived, continue to stick to the healing process. It will take time to heal in your soul.
  3. Be diligent: it takes 21 days to adopt a new habit and 90 days to become a way of life.
  4. Listen and see positive teachings about daily thinking and healing of my soul.
  5. Get up to pray and listen to the teachings on the radio to replace negative thoughts and talk with thoughts and words of faith.
  6. I listen to music and I love God because of the song, sometimes I also listen to soft music without words. This creates an atmosphere of peace that encourages my soul to heal.
  7. Press harder on difficult days and do not stop the healing process.
  8. It is crucial to protect your eyes, ears, and heart.
  9. Negative things happen and it’s important to manage your emotional response
  10. Believe in yourself and make the decision not to align yourself with a negative perspective

Dealing With Emotional Triggers

Positive Information is Needed to Replace Negative Information

For example, pilgrims had sung a great song of praise at my sisters’ house service and a Sunday at church. I began to feel emotions, but no one around me knew that I was fighting and wanted to run away, but the Holy Spirit assured me that it would go well with a reassuring peace.

I was just beginning to tell Hallelujah to calm down and focus on worship. To this day, I can not hear this song anymore, but I am learning how to control the trigger.

My predecessor, R. Bernard, has taught us that we need twelve pieces of positive information to replace negative information.

This sums up the triggers well … It is essential to breathe well to calm down and gather your thoughts to react and not react to triggers.

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