Keep You Happy with these Ways

Keep You Happy with these Ways

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Keep You Happy with these Ways – As women, we are often so entangled in solving everyone’s problems outside ourselves and we try to make sure they like to steal our own happiness.

Imagine that! Then we say things like “when I need someone, there is no one around,” if you can make someone else smile, that’s the sign that you’re more than capable to give you the same feeling. We eagerly seek education, relationships, professional progress, and friendships to find happiness, but we seldom seek happiness from within.

You deserve to be happy! Here are some ways to bring happiness into your life today and keep you happy

Count your blessings

When I say blessings, I do not mean to tell you about your possessions, I’m talking about what makes your life worth living. A blessing is something that can not be replaced, something that can not be bought.

Having a functional mind and body goes beyond every element you have. The ability to easily generate multiple ideas, to express themselves creatively, to integrate talents and gifts is a blessing that we neglect.

Do not be caught in the “things”, your being, your breathing is a sign of abundance. Give yourself gratitude for meeting the demands of this physical life.

Spend time in nature

Take the time of your busy day to smell the roses, watch the trees, watch the stars. Nature reminds us that life is not just about work or collecting as much as possible.

Life is a gift! Nature reminds us of the divine Creator who supports us in our daily reality, reminding us that our life has a purpose: we must strive to achieve it. Spending time in nature helps us reconnect with the divine in us.

Keep You Happy with these Ways

Take care of yourself

Make a bath of roses with Epsom salt, light candles and enjoy your presence. Learn to love being in your midst! Learn to feel your own presence, your own essence. Massage the feet and legs.

Prepare your favorite dish, not because you are hungry, but because you like to spoil yourself. To be happy, you have to learn to laugh day after day, hour after hour and minute by minute. To feed oneself is to practice healthy selfishness. Nothing should come before you please, love and take care of yourself!

Give yourself

I said it! Do not dare to waste your life while waiting for someone to take you to an appointment. I had some of my best nights of solo shooting. It is about making someone smile, in accordance with themselves and in their own world that attracts others.

Whether you are alone or in a committed relationship, take the time to regularly make a private appointment. Be creative and have fun with it.

Take a dance class or one of these Sip & Stroke art classes, you know where to drink wine while creating your own artistic masterpiece. Never be so involved in a life or in other people that you forget to love yourself.

Challenge yourself to smile

Many black women are single because they look bad and inaccessible. Even the nicest women are angry and most people feel intimidated about approaching them or are just not in the mood to behave.

Take the challenge of randomly smiling at 10 people each day, make it a habit to show your teeth. The smile not only enlarges the cheekbones but creates a glow around you that intrigues others. People will ask, “Why are you so happy?” and if you are a little cheerful, you can answer “to see”.

Play with others

I do not like conversations, so I have to challenge myself to be in tune with what’s happening in the world around me. Not necessarily the horrors of life, I am proud to share good news and kind words that make others smile.

Ask people how they do it, how the days go, what they eat or what they have planned for the weekend. Make friends! Be open Trust yourself to attract the right people and flow with them. Live an adventurous life! Look at the kids, find playmates wherever they go, and those friendships are there.

They do not worry when they see the child again, they are going to hurt them or something else, they just worry about pleasure right now. Be a child, free yourself!

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