Committed Relationships

Committed Relationships

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Committed Relationships – What are the main emotions, belief system, and behavior that you work within your life? This is what constitutes your love story and your loving behavior, what your soul has learned.

His soul chooses his personality (introverted, extroverted, the country where you were born, your body, your natural gifts, etc.).

Sometimes the challenges you face in dating are logical.

It is helpful to observe the emotions to understand why the soul has chosen these emotions and what the soul and the person have learned. By understanding, you can understand your suffering, but not suffer suffering.

The person also chooses a particular body to learn certain lessons, and this choice is based on what he should learn or what he should teach him.

I learn to listen and talk to your body and balance your emotions so that your love life is freed from the old habits of love and you do not become the love you desire.

We are always rooted in the heart through love, but the masculine and feminine roles are invited to give up the attachment to what we expect from each other or to grow in a higher love are not limited. for our society.

Connect with unconditional forms of love

And instead, connect with universal and unconditional forms of love, in which we see and accept the whole person without focusing on what our mind can think or the other person should be.

The higher forms of love are now available because the planet is moving towards a higher consciousness to which the planet has never had access. “Change” means that relationships change in their dynamics.

Couples are challenged to rise above their arguments and mental discussions to ask what love really is for themselves or for the couple.

As a result, old fears (of this life and past lives) have appeared, where all the pain will be experienced again so that we can let go, heal, understand and forgive.

Couples now benefit from increased support for the higher forms of love that are now helping the planet to do so as part of their relationships. Individuals and groups have to learn this and teach them to support themselves and their partners.

Committed Relationships

Committed Relationships

I do not think that if a person “fails” in a relationship, she is not effective or likes “enough”, or if she misses a process that your loved one or your relationship holds.

This is what the linear and logical mind would say as a means of measuring success through material reality. The experiences life, without pain, fracture, conflict, sadness or happiness does not measure love. Love is measured by how you react to discomfort, problems, injuries, how you react, and come back to your love and yourself, with ways to accept pain, to heal and move on.

The wounds do not go away without a little attention and awareness. However, we cannot impose forgiveness. Forgiveness begins with the desire to see where you have been very difficult for yourself and for others, and you have resisted the frankness that would make forgiveness possible.

Our society does not hold relationships, and we offer neither margin nor opportunity for people to deal with the damage, it really needs Committed Relationships.

Start Relationship with good ways

So, my recommendation for those of you who are looking to change their good relationships with a lighter and more loving accent is to start by not pointing out to others and what they have done, to soften you, your own pain and you wonder:

So once you allow yourself to feel and feel, you’ll notice a sweet, maybe a sadness or a lot of emotions, then ask yourself, “If I’m what I would do with this feeling is the beginning of the process – it has nothing to do with it, but with the transformation of feelings that prevent us from feeling, creating and being who we are.

It is only when we adopt our own approaches and practices for parents that we will be able to face and accept the pain that lives in us. And then, the individual can give up and reach his relationships with joy, accept and be safer to be vulnerable and share with someone with whom he desires a deeper intimacy.

Start by asking questions about the best way to accept the elements of your personality.

They are too quick to criticize, emphasize or expect others to be “perfect”. The ease you can give yourself will quickly spread to the people you love. And a more competent place.

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