A Love Affair or Just Friends

Emotional Infidelity: A Love Affair or Just Friends?

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Emotional Infidelity: A Love Affair or Just Friends? – A common plea: but we are “only friends”. The “vibrations” that will trigger the “emotional connection” because of the time spent on communication

These emotional connections often occur at work or in a social context in which intensive work toward a common goal consumes energy.

To distinguish whether this Emotional Infidelity has changed to A Love Affair or still Just Friends, we need to look at the twist and the problem

Here are some observations of the emotional problem “just friends”:

1. This person often has trouble knowing where to draw the line.

He/she often throws himself 100% into something. Other aspects of your life may suffer or be ignored. There is often a lack of personal balance between family, work and personal care.

2. Fight with intimacy. (I want to be close to someone, but I do not like intimacy).

The emotional issue of “single friends” means that neither the spouse nor the PO (another person) becomes “confidential”. Neither relationship is completely complete nor does it show growth potential.

3. Of course, the remark “friends” means “stay away” or, among all this

I am really confused as to where relations are going, what I want from them or what they mean for me. There is an “emotional connection” with the PO that defies description. A sad type of “stagnation or loss”.

A Love Affair or Just Friends

The love or emotional problem of “falling in love” has a different twist.

The common complaint with the couple is: “I feel bad about that and I do not want to hurt you, but I’m not” in love “with you anymore.” I love you, but I’m not in love. “This often indicates:

  1. This person usually needs drama and emotion. Life becomes easily a telenovela. The emotional juice of the consequences of emotionally intense relationships reigns rather than the heart life of what someone is.
  2. The person who “seeks love” really looks for the ideal, someone who lets him know that he is in good health. No, more than good, almost perfect.
  3. This person should be revered, or think that someone else loves it because it lacks inner strength and solid identity. The other becomes my world because I have no world. “To be in love” is the panacea for my emptiness.
  4. This type of relationship often occurs when there is “rest” in the conjugal relationship. Responsibility to raise children, start and maintain a career, pay bills, etc. This becomes the focus of the couple. Romance becomes a strange word.

There are many subtle differences in the problems. Emotional problems belong to a single class. As soon as you begin to see and understand the differences, a new sense of empowerment overwhelms you as you begin a safer solution.

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