Confident or Arrogant, which one are you

Confident or Arrogant, which one are you?

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Confident or Arrogant, which one are you? – Sometimes people have difficulty distinguishing whether someone is a confident person or an arrogant person, here are some examples to distinguish.

Giving advice

Arrogant: Arrogant people tell others what to do or rectify what they do if they do not have this type of relationship. If you are a teacher, a mentor, a therapist, a president or the father of a small child, or if someone has asked you what advice to give, you must guide the situation and assign tasks. However, the way you play or cross borders can make people feel that you are arrogant.

Confident: Confident people give advice at the prompt or check if they wish before submitting it. Like in “I have a suggestion, do you want it?” Or: “Do you want to know what I think?” When they advise, this is often expressed as “what works for me is …”

Speak about yourself

Arrogant: the boasters boast, take care of themselves and give no opportunity to others. The conversation is “all around me” and no credit is given to others.

Confident: the self-confident person first asks others, others ask for their celebration when something good is happening or sympathize when something bad happens, but that does not mean that happens to them whether good or bad, is more important for everyone.

Talk about others

Arrogant: People talk arrogantly or say negative things about others and criticize their appearance, their act, and their sound. People may be reluctant to celebrate the good news of Almngtroson for someone else and are eager to hear bad news. The arrogant people feel defensive when someone praises someone else.

Confident: Confident people speak softly with others, whether they are present or not. They are happy with the happiness and success of others and congratulate them. Trust understands that someone else’s success does not steal it and that life is not a competition.

Intimate relationships (friends, family, romance)

Arrogant: arrogance concerns you: what you want, how you feel and whether the other person meets your expectations. Surprisingly, acting like a victim (poor for me) can be arrogant. Arrogance is critical and reluctantly.

Confident: Confident is generous, you care what the other wants, as much as you want. Trust is ready to work together to resolve disputes and problems. Confidence ensures that you take care of yourself in difficult situations without blaming anyone.


Arrogant: For arrogant people, the office looks like a battlefield and they must always win. They are aggressive with ideas and want to claim credit for what someone else does. They see their co-workers as sources of help, but they do not want to help in return. They can be difficult for a coach, but they must be colleagues: even the same.

Confident: Confident do their best and want to succeed, but they know that collaboration is better than the competition. They are happy to provide the credit they are entitled to and they are nice when they get credit.

They strive to work comfortably with all their employees: presidents, colleagues, and subordinates. Fortunately, the praise and if they need to correct someone, they are good and useful, explain what solves the problem rather than criticize and blame.

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Company headquarters

Arrogant: arrogant people want to attract attention. They want to be better, dance better, drink the best, and so on. They want everyone to like them, do what you think they will do, but often it does not work. People are first attracted to them, then stop.

Confident: Confident people with friends are relaxed and realize that pleasure is something everyone does together. They think that if there are other people who appreciate it as much as possible and record it as much as possible, they laugh and have beautiful conversations. They know it’s not about them.

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