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Letter for God – Before you get to the contents of the letter, it’s good to explain first, God, why do you have a letter, why should it be open, why should it be for you.

Answered one by one certainly makes it long, but slowly, first and foremost: why should the letter be open. I guess people haven’t written a letter for a long time, Mr. Post has long been broken down by a short message service from a cellphone or blackberry message — held too — which blooms only for a moment, like twenty strawberries in front of my house, which are bought, harvested then until now it never bear fruit again.

But don’t worry, blackberries die, line, whatsapp, and others blossom.

Postman? Still, still dead. There was a longing there, in the letters we wrote back. Miss on pink paper scented with orange or strawberry. But more than that, open letters have become a trend since the era of Democracy. The second but no less important: why for you God.

It also became a trend: praying on the internet, especially on social media. O yes, considering 2019, the year you have never come to earth, maybe tens of thousands of years have never been to America, I tell you: we now have social media. Social media is a kind of device that can bring us far and at the same time keep us close, if you ask what social media is.

Turn to prayer again. I will not be as annoyed as people who complain about their friends who show off their prayers, know them or not. Those who are nagging — forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing — must think that you are the same as them, have to make e-mail first, must be 17 years old, have to register facebook first, have an account, then can read people’s posts, huh prayer on Facebook earlier.

Who are you, do you have to make an account first and then be able to peek at human behavior like they make an account to spy on their ex? Never mind facebook, which makes Facebook, which makes Google, until the one that makes the iPhone, all of that you created.

This is the age of social media, the narcissistic era, when people show off everything, starting with photos with artists, going out, reading what books, short stories in which newspapers, lunch, dinner, until the prayer questions. And if you think religious narcissism is the prerogative of Alay children, you are wrong, God. Religion but not a demo on the road, not promoted on Car Free Day, or not making riots while mentioning your name is the same as the Chinese proverb: it’s useless, it’s lacking.

I guess the introduction from me is enough, God. It’s quite long-winded. I guess that’s the reason I’m showing this open letter here.
Fill in my letter, some believers will call it prayer, not as fast as the introduction,
simple: return funny people to the world, God. Or if it’s too heavy, make new funny people. Or if it is still too heavy, at least give a good sense of humor to the people who are still left in this world.

If we want to take away our lives, we still have a stock of thousands of corruptors, ranging from those who abuse their positions, to steal state money, to corrupt time, take a walk in the mall during working hours.

Or if one day you want to reduce rain with hurricanes and thunderous lightning, try to put just one rod of lightning into the drug dealer’s house, so that they know it’s like overdosing on electric shock.

Grouchu Marx, Richard Pryor, or Robin Williams maybe they are builders. ‘ The builders, as far as I know, often make nice homes, but their own homes are bad. The entertainers often entertain people, but are confused when they need to be entertained. From this side, returning or creating funny people is just important, so that they can comfort one another.

Secondly, after the presidential election that Donald Trump finally won, we are now experiencing a national funny people crisis. Briefly America can now be called split in two, one party loves Trump half dead and defends him desperately, another hates him half life and damages life. And both, who love and hate, defend and denounce in the same tone: serious.

For me, it doesn’t matter if people are divided into lovers and haters, even Superman with underwear outside and curly noodle hair on his forehead is loved by Louis Lane and hated, half dead too, by Lex Luthor. Maybe Louis loves her underwear outside while Lex hates her curly noodle hair, or vice versa, it doesn’t matter. The problem now is that everyone becomes serious.

Read Indicate the Authority

Sometimes Trump does try to be funny, by building a wall, and preventing immigrants, but God, it’s not funny at all. Trump clearly has no good sense of humor.

Even worse, humor must also be accompanied by a moral message, people call it satire.
Satire is certainly not a sin, because then, your hell will be filled with intelligent people and you yourself will lose because the smart people will gather with lawyers, who are said to have been mentioned in a joke holding a ticket to hell. This is obviously a troublesome combination.

Satire is wretched because it means that only intelligent people can make joke material, and even worse, it takes people who are also smart to understand that it’s a joke and … funny. Considering that you are so kind to keep people who are not too intelligent living in this world, satire can be a fatal accident. This is what I think it’s time to say l’humour pour l’humour, humor for humor only.

That’s why, I think, this world needs people who are joking just to joke around, humor for humor only, people who joke with joy, sincerity, and tireless.

If you think my request is naive or too trivial to be granted, then let me make a list so that you know how a bad sense of humor to meet people who have no sense of humor can produce disasters at all. It was a bad sense of humor when Adolf Hitler claimed that his race was the best race in the world, but obviously Franklin D. Roosevelt had no sense of humor when he agreed to drop a pair of atomic bombs on Hirosyima and Nagasaki, Japan.

Therefore, I say to you, God, my letter is important, far more important than the prayers of people for Hillary Clinton’s safety and health so that future elections can run again.

Lastly, I don’t think you need to reply to my letter, directly or through special staff, but if you really are up there, just work, mysteriously as usual, grant my request: return it, or create, new funny people, or give a good sense of humor to people.

I believe in you, trust you more than trust my friends who make apologies on Facebook walls – who claim to not click anything, mark no one – when the mysterious video grumbles on our Facebook wall.

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