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Indicate the Authority

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Indicate the Authority – Being a Director at a well-known publishing company is a proud achievement for Rambo, but of course, it is commensurate with the heavy burden that Rambo has to do as a form of responsibility.

The responsibility and workload are what makes Rambo sometimes have to check all the work done by his employees, whether it is correct or not.

This month the new contract obtained by the Rambo company is quite a lot, to maintain the satisfaction of these new customers, Rambo has ordered all staff and employees to complete their work according to deadlines.

Rambo has determined that this month is “Overtime Month”, all office employees in all divisions must overtime to complete work.

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Rambo advised all of his employees that “The success of this company is the responsibility of all employees”.

“We are like a football team, all have their respective roles and everything is important”, said Rambo during a meeting with all employees.

“If this company develops, you will enjoy it so I don’t want anyone among you who does not work, I will fire them” Rambo warned his employees.

To give an example to employees, then from that day on Rambo always overtime and go home at night, even occasionally he sleeps at the office.

It’s just one thing that was felt very heavy by Rambo, he became rarely met with Sarah and his beloved daughter Shakira.

But Rambo is very grateful to get a wife like Sarah because she understands what Rambo is doing all also for the family.

To ensure that “Overtime Month” is truly carried out by all of its employees, Rambo often goes around his office, he monitors the work of all his employees.

Indicate the Authority

That afternoon after the lunch break, Rambo made a sudden inspection of all the divisions in his office to see the performance of his employees.

On the second floor of his office, Rambo found a young man leaning against the door, apparently, he was relaxing.

All the workers in the room were busy working, except him.

Rambo immediately approached the young man and asked,

“How much is your salary a week?”

A little surprised, the young man looked at Rambo and said,

“Around $ 200 a week, why sir?”

Rambo took out his wallet and took four $ 100 bills, then handed it to the young man and said

“This is your salary for two weeks and quickly leave there. I don’t want to see you again! ”

With extreme surprise and fear, the young man immediately left the place without much talk.

Then with an authoritative face, Rambo looked at the staff who had been watching the scene.

“It’s time for me to show my authority,” Rambo thought, then he asked the employees in the room.

“Does anyone know, from which division is the lazy young man?”

The atmosphere became hushed until finally, a staff responded with a little bit of fear

“The young man doesn’t work here sir, he is a pizza delivery guy who delivers orders to the personnel department”

Rambo silent did not say anything.

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