Pay Cash is better

Pay Cash is better

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Pay Cash is better – For a week, Rambo has been out of town to complete a contract with one of his company’s new clients.

As a Director in his company, Rambo often handles jobs directly, especially those relating to contracts with clients.

That night after a day of working out the draft contact, Rambo rushed to the hotel to take a break because for a week he had devoted all his energy and mind to completing work.

Arriving at the hotel, accidentally in the lobby of the hotel Rambo saw a woman with a sexy body sitting alone.

The emergence of the true nature of a wild Rambo who likes challenges, Rambo walks over to the woman who is sitting alone
“Good evening, how are you?” said amiable Rambo
“Good evening,” said the woman with a voluptuous smile
“Rambo” next Rambo while sticking his hand to invite contacts
“Sandra” the woman replied to the introduction of Rambo

Read A New Position

Both of them then engage a familiar conversation punctuated by occasional pinch lovey-dovey.

Rambo began to think to invite Sandra and enjoy that night to make love in her bedroom, it’s been a week of Rambo’s split with Sarah, his desire to make love is not bearable anymore.

“Sandra, what if we continue the chat in the room alone” invited Rambo

“Wait…wait Rambo, is this just a chat or are we going to make love?” Sandra immediately asked Rambo what he meant.

“You Know Sandra, certainly not just chatting, but we continue to make love until satisfied” Rambo answered while hugging Sandra

“Okay, but I ask you to pay $ 500 for all that, and I will give you satisfaction and unforgettable memories.”

Rambo stammered “$ 500 is really an expensive price,” thought Rambo, but because Lust had peaked Rambo agreed to Sandra’s request.

“Well, I’ll pay you $500 in accordance with your request, but I will pay by check because this later will I enter in the billing Office of travel expenses as” Rambo filed terms

Sandra nodded accept Rambo.

Their conversation was then continued in the Rambo hotel room, short of the story of what had to happen if a pair of men and women were only in the room.

The Payment

After finishing making love with Sandra, there is a little regret in Rambo’s heart. Rambo was not sorry he had betrayed his wife Sarah, but he regretted having to pay Sandra $ 500 while the pleasure he got was mediocre.

Rambo’s mind arose not to pay the full $ 500 to Sandra as he promised. When Sandra is still asleep Rambo writes a check to give to Sandra, on the check paper Rambo also writes some notifications.

“The payment of Rent Hotel Room”

Others wrote checks Rambo also wrote messages on a piece of paper

‘Sandra, attached is a check for $ 200, sorry I didn’t pay you $ 500 because I thought before

  1. The room has never been inhabited,
  2. The atmosphere is warm and
  3. The size is small so it’s like at home.

But what I found was:

  1. It turns out that his room had been inhabited before,
  2. There is no warmth at all, and
  3. Size is very ‘ big ‘ and feels loose

Because of Sandra still asleep, Rambo then put the check and the letter on the desk of hotel rooms and rushed out of the hotel to go home.

That afternoon Rambo is sitting relax in the family room along with Shakira and her daughter Sarah, suddenly there was the sound of people knocking on the door.

Sarah then went out and found the postman sends a package, after receiving the packet that Sarah went back and gave the package to Rambo.

“What is it, Sarah?” Ask Rambo

“A package for you, but don’t know what the contents are” Sarah while giving the package
Rambo then opens the package, witnessed by Sarah and Shakira.

The package turned out to contain a check for $ 200 signed by Rambo and a letter that read:

  1. It doesn’t make sense if a hotel room is as good as there hasn’t been inhabited before …
  2. The matter of warmth might be the master who doesn’t understand how turning it on,
  3. Regarding size, it seems like master furniture is too small and not big enough to fill it

Please do not blame the hotel clerk and please pay as promised or I will collect you at home or at the office.

Rambo silently said nothing.

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